Alumni and Friends

Honorary Alumni

Honorary Alumni Award Ribbon

This award honors individuals who have provided service and support of the University characteristic of our dedicated alumni. The Board of Directors reserves this award to recognize the strongest non-alumni supporters of Michigan Tech.

2018 Award Recipient


Anyone may nominate persons they feel deserve the honor of being recognized as Michigan Tech alumni. The award may be given out annually as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. The deadline for nominations is December 1.

Make a Nomination

If you have any questions about the nomination process, or would like to submit a nomination by mail, fax, or phone, please contact Alumni and Friends at 906-487-2400, toll-free at 1-877-688-2586, or

Past Award Recipients

Name Awarded
Igor Kliakhandler 2018
John C. Dau 2017
Dr. John T. Patton 2016
John Fenn and Lynda Fenn 2015
Dr. B. Patrick Joyce 2015
Dr. George Robinson and Susan Robinson 2014
Dr. Martha Sloan 2014
Ruth Nara and *Dr. Robert Nara 2013
*Daniel P. Lorenzetti 2011
Dr. William W. Predebon 2010
Betty A. Chavis 2009
Terry A. Smythe 2008
Ross E. Roeder 2007
Dr. Raymond L. Smith 2006
George J. Butvilas 2005
Bonnie B. Robbins (Bien) 2004
Dr. Curtis J. Thompkins 2004
Claude A. Verbal 2004
*Hon. Russell Hellman 2003
*H. Walter Rembold and E. Joyce Rembold 2002
Dr. Ruth A. Reck 2001
Robert M. Thompson 2000
Alton R. Berquist 1999
*Mario Fontana 1998
Dr. Joseph B. Kirkish 1998
*Russell F. Hoyer 1997
Ronald P.  Helman and Lou Ellen Helman 1996
*Herman Gundlach 1995
Dr. Dale F. Stein and Audrey D. Stein 1991
William G. Lucier 1988
*John J. MacInnes 1988