AFROTC: Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

Detachment Cadre

The cadre of active duty Air Force professionals at Detachment 400 comes from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wide range of perspectives and experiences of Air Force life to the cadets. The officers are Michigan Tech faculty and present the academic material, providing the minor in Aerospace Studies to anyone who completes the Aerospace Studies courses, as well as mentorship and guidance to the Air Force’s future leaders. The non-commissioned officers provide essential administrative oversight to the cadets and ensure they complete all program requirements. The civilian MTU office support staff organizes all detachment staff operations and correspondence, facilities and supplies. This integrated team of experts provides a training experience which creates educated, disciplined and dedicated officer candidates worthy of the world’s greatest Air Force.

Cadre and staff group photo, from standing left: Lieutenant Colonel John F. O'Kane, Captain Mark J. Holmstrom, Captain Janna L. Clement, from seated left-Technical Sergeant Paul T. Creelman (no longer with Michigan Tech AFROTC), Robin E. Dillinger, Karma M. Kilpela, Staff Sergeant William B. Coria

Lieutenant Colonel John F. O’Kane
Detachment Commander
Professor of Aerospace Studies

Captain Mark J. Holmstrom
Flight Commander, Operations
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

Captain Janna L. Clement
Recruiting Officer
Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

Staff Sergeant William B. Coria
NCOIC, Personnel Programs

Staff Sergeant Vincent E. Boven
NCOIC, Administrative Programs