Diversity Literacy Certification

Am I Diversity Literacy Certified?

To further the goal of increasing the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in STEM fields at Michigan Tech, and to encourage a more diverse and equitable campus climate, the provost requires that all faculty who serve on a search committee or P&T committee be literate in issues of gender diversity and unconscious bias in academia, including the legal aspects of hiring for diversity in academia.

Faculty become Diversity Literacy Certified by completing the Diversity Literacy Workshop, which is offered several times each year. Each workshop consist of two components, (1) a three-week online component in recognizing unconscious gender bias, and (2) a culminating online course in legal aspects of hiring for diversity. Participants must complete both components in order to receive certification. The table below lists the certification status of all Michigan Tech faculty.

For those who have already taken the full three-week diversity literacy course and whose certification has expired, there are one-week "refresher" courses (one week of Diversity Literacy, followed by one week of Legal Aspects).

Note: Blank fields indicate that a requirement has yet to be completed.

Staff certified in best practices for hiring and recruiting staff can be found here.

Name Department Diversity Literacy Training
(valid through)
Legal Aspects Training
(valid through)
Auer, NancyBiological SciencesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Datta, RupaliBiological SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Durocher, JohnBiological SciencesFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Fay, KarynBiological SciencesSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Gretz, MichaelBiological SciencesSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Hersch-Green, ErikaBiological SciencesSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Huckins, CaseyBiological SciencesSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Joshi, ChandrashekharBiological SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Kerfoot, W. CharlesBiological SciencesSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Marcarelli, AmyBiological SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Morin, BrigitteBiological SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Pace, CinnamonBiological SciencesNo
Seguin, MichelleBiological SciencesNo
Tang, GuiliangBiological SciencesSpring 2018Spring 2019Yes
Tang, XiaoqingBiological SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Techtmann, StephenBiological SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Tumban, EbenezerBiological SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Werner, ThomasBiological SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Frost, MeganBiomedical EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Goldman, JeremyBiomedical EngineeringSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Jiang, JingfengBiomedical EngineeringFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Kirkpatrick, SeanBiomedical EngineeringSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Lee, BruceBiomedical EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Malalur Nagaraja Rao, SmithaBiomedical EngineeringFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Neuman, MichaelBiomedical EngineeringSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Ong, KeatBiomedical EngineeringFall 2019Spring 2020Yes
Rajachar, RupakBiomedical EngineeringNo
Smith, MartynBiomedical EngineeringSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Soykan, OrhanBiomedical EngineeringFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Zhao, FengBiomedical EngineeringSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Caneba, GerardChemical EngineeringNo
Clancey, MichaelChemical EngineeringFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Co, TomasChemical EngineeringNo
Eisele, TimothyChemical EngineeringSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Heldt, CarynChemical EngineeringSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Kawatra, SurendraChemical EngineeringNo
King, JuliaChemical EngineeringFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Klimek-McDonald, DanielleChemical EngineeringNo
Morrison, FaithChemical EngineeringFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Mullins, MichaelChemical EngineeringFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Rogers, TonyChemical EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Sandell, JohnChemical EngineeringSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Shonnard, DavidChemical EngineeringSpring 2016Fall 2015Yes
Zhou, WenChemical EngineeringNo
Bi, LanrongChemistryFall 2018No
Chabalowski, CaryChemistrySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Charlesworth, PaulChemistrySpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Dam, TarunChemistrySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Fang, ShiyueChemistryFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Galerneau, AndrewChemistrySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Green, SarahChemistrySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Heiden, PatriciaChemistryFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Liu, HaiyingChemistryFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Luck, RudyChemistrySpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Mazzoleni, LynnChemistryFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Perrine, KathrynChemistryNo
Tanasova, MarinaChemistryFall 2018No
Thompson, MartinChemistrySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Tiwari, AshutoshChemistryFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Vahdat, LalehChemistryNo
Valenzano, LoredanaChemistryFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Xia, XiaohuChemistryFall 2019Fall 2018Yes
Ahlborn, TheresaCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2020Fall 2013No
Auer, MartinCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Barkdoll, BrianCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2017Spring 2018Yes
Becker, JenniferCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Bulleit, WilliamCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Dai, QingliCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Dewey, GeorgeCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Hand, DavidCivil & Environmental EngineeringFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Hiller, JacobCivil & Environmental EngineeringFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Hodek, RalphCivil & Environmental EngineeringFall 2018No
Jarvie-Eggart, MichelleCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Kueber Watkins, MelanieCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Lautala, PasiCivil & Environmental EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Leder, WilliamCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Liu, ZhenCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Mattila, KrisCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Mayer, AlexCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Minakata, DaisukeCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Mukherjee, AmlanCivil & Environmental EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Perlinger, JudithCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2017Fall 2016Yes
Sandberg, L.Civil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Seagren, EricCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Sproule, WilliamCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Swartz, RaymondCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Urban, NoelCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2013Fall 2014No
Vitton, StanleyCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Watkins, DavidCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Webster, VeronicaCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Xue, PengfeiCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
You, ZhanpingCivil & Environmental EngineeringSpring 2020No
Zhang, KuilinCivil & Environmental EngineeringNo
Amato-Henderson, SusanCognitive & Learning SciencesFall 2018No
Dare, EmilyCognitive & Learning SciencesNo
Ellis, JoshuaCognitive & Learning SciencesNo
Feltz, AdamCognitive & Learning SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Hungwe, ChipoCognitive & Learning SciencesNo
Hungwe, KedmonCognitive & Learning SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Jeon, MyounghoonCognitive & Learning SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Kennedy, WilliamCognitive & Learning SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Lark, AmyCognitive & Learning SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Mueller, ShaneCognitive & Learning SciencesFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Steelman, KellyCognitive & Learning SciencesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Stockero, ShariCognitive & Learning SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Trewartha, KevinCognitive & Learning SciencesNo
Veinott, ElizabethCognitive & Learning SciencesNo
Bohmann, LeonardCollege of EngineeringSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Minerick, AdrienneCollege of EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Pennington, WayneCollege of EngineeringSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Ott, LindaCollege of Sciences & ArtsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Seely, BruceCollege of Sciences & ArtsSpring 2020Spring 2018Yes
Bakiras, SpiridonComputer ScienceNo
Brown, LauraComputer ScienceFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Ebnenasir, AliComputer ScienceFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Kuhl, ScottComputer ScienceFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Mayo, JeanComputer ScienceSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Onder, NiluferComputer ScienceSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Onder, SonerComputer ScienceSpring 2016Spring 2019Yes
Pastel, RobertComputer ScienceSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Poplawski, DavidComputer ScienceFall 2014Fall 2016No
Shene, Ching-KuangComputer ScienceSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Song, MinComputer ScienceSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Tracy, KimComputer ScienceFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Ureel II, LeoComputer ScienceFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Vertanen, KeithComputer ScienceNo
Wallace, CharlesComputer ScienceSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Wang, ZhenlinComputer ScienceFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Zhang, RuihongComputer ScienceFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Ambardar, AshokElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Archer, GlenElectrical and Computer EngineeringSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Bergstrom, PaulElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Bos, JeremyElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Bucheger, DuaneElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Burl, JeffreyElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Cischke, ChristopherElectrical and Computer EngineeringSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Feng, ZhuoElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Fuhrmann, DanielElectrical and Computer EngineeringSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Gauchia Babe, LuciaElectrical and Computer EngineeringSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Guney, DurduElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Havens, TimothyElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Hu, ShiyanElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Kieckhafer, RogerElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Lukowski, JohnElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Middlebrook, ChristopherElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Mork, BruceElectrical and Computer EngineeringSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Nooshabadi, SaeidElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Oliveira, AureniceElectrical and Computer EngineeringSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Paudyal, SumitElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Perger, WarrenElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Roggemann, MichaelElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Schulz, TimothyElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Semouchkin, GeorgeElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Semouchkina, ElenaElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Ten, Chee-WooiElectrical and Computer EngineeringNo
Wang, ZhaohuiElectrical and Computer EngineeringFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Weaver, WayneElectrical and Computer EngineeringSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Zekavat, SeyedElectrical and Computer EngineeringSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Fraley, MaryEngineering FundamentalsNo
Hamlin, AmyEngineering FundamentalsSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Hamlin, BrettEngineering FundamentalsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Hein, GretchenEngineering FundamentalsSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Johnson, RobynEngineering FundamentalsNo
Kemppainen, AmberEngineering FundamentalsSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Manser, NathanEngineering FundamentalsNo
Miller, LiannaEngineering FundamentalsNo
Monte, AmyEngineering FundamentalsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Oppliger, DouglasEngineering FundamentalsSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Sadri-Sabet, MirEngineering FundamentalsSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Sticklen, JonEngineering FundamentalsFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Veurink, NormaEngineering FundamentalsSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Askari, RoohollahGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Carn, SimonGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Chatterjee, SnehamoyGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Deering, ChadGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Gierke, JohnGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Mouw, ColleenGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Oommen, ThomasGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesSpring 2016Spring 2017Yes
Shannon, JeremyGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Smirnov, AlekseyGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesSpring 2016Fall 2016Yes
Tarshizi, EbrahimGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Waite, GregoryGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Wood, JamesGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Wu, ShiliangGeological & Mining Eng & SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Tahtinen, DaleGovernmental Relations/Sec BoardNo
Murthy, PushpalathaGraduate SchoolFall 2014Fall 2014No
Adolphs, DieterHumanitiesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Alegre-Figuero, LeyreHumanitiesNo
Amador, CarlosHumanitiesNo
Amani, SaraHumanitiesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Bell, SarahHumanitiesNo
Bergvall, VictoriaHumanitiesSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Bowler, MichaelHumanitiesSpring 2018Spring 2015No
Brady, MHumanitiesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Carpenter, StephanieHumanitiesNo
Collins, SuzanneHumanitiesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Cox-Adolphs, JaniceHumanitiesNo
Fiss, AndrewHumanitiesNo
Fiss, LauraHumanitiesNo
Fonkoue, RamonHumanitiesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Hristova, StefkaHumanitiesFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Johnson, EvelynHumanitiesFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Johnson, L. Syd M.HumanitiesFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Johnson, RobertHumanitiesFall 2015Fall 2015No
Kastamo, EmilyHumanitiesNo
Khan, MuhammadHumanitiesNo
Kitalong, KarlaHumanitiesFall 2015Fall 2015No
Marratto, ScottHumanitiesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Morrison, LesleyHumanitiesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Orion, KaiHumanitiesNo
Romney, AbrahamHumanitiesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Schlenker, KarinHumanitiesSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Seigel, MarikaHumanitiesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Seigel, MatthewHumanitiesSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Shoos, DianeHumanitiesSpring 2020Spring 2016Yes
Slack, JenniferHumanitiesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Smith, BeatriceHumanitiesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Smith, ErinHumanitiesSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Sotirin, PatriciaHumanitiesSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Stander, AnneHumanitiesNo
Strickland, RonaldHumanitiesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Thomas, KettyHumanitiesSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Van Kooy, DanaHumanitiesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Viera-Ramos, MarcelinoHumanitiesNo
Viguier, AudreyHumanitiesNo
Waddell, RHumanitiesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Zuraw, ClareHumanitiesNo
Carter, JasonKinesiology/Integrative PhysiologySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Chen, QinghuiKinesiology/Integrative PhysiologySpring 2017Spring 2020Yes
Elmer, StevenKinesiology/Integrative PhysiologyFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Hamilton, StephanieKinesiology/Integrative PhysiologyNo
Randell, MarkKinesiology/Integrative PhysiologyNo
Schwartz, ChristopherKinesiology/Integrative PhysiologyNo
Shan, ZhiyingKinesiology/Integrative PhysiologySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Yoon, TejinKinesiology/Integrative PhysiologyFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Drelich, JaroslawMaterials Science and EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Hackney, StephenMaterials Science and EngineeringNo
Herbert, ErikMaterials Science and EngineeringNo
Hu, Yun HangMaterials Science and EngineeringFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Hwang, Jiann-YangMaterials Science and EngineeringNo
Jin, YongmeiMaterials Science and EngineeringFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Kampe, Jean-CelesteMaterials Science and EngineeringSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Kampe, StephenMaterials Science and EngineeringSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Milligan, WalterMaterials Science and EngineeringFall 2019Fall 2014No
Moran, PeterMaterials Science and EngineeringFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Pearce, JoshuaMaterials Science and EngineeringNo
Pletka, BruceMaterials Science and EngineeringSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Sanders, PaulMaterials Science and EngineeringSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Sutter, LawrenceMaterials Science and EngineeringSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Swenson, DouglasMaterials Science and EngineeringSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Wang, YuMaterials Science and EngineeringSpring 2018No
Choi, SeokwooMathematical SciencesNo
DeWinter, StefaanMathematical SciencesFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Dong, JianpingMathematical SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Feigl, KathleenMathematical SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Gockenbach, MarkMathematical SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Gregersen, JasonMathematical SciencesNo
Humes, AnnMathematical SciencesNo
Jiang, RenfangMathematical SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Keith, WilliamMathematical SciencesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Kendall, PhilipMathematical SciencesNo
Keranen, MelissaMathematical SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
King, ToddMathematical SciencesFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Kreher, DonaldMathematical SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Labovsky, AlexanderMathematical SciencesNo
Lewandowski, DennisMathematical SciencesNo
Olson, DavidMathematical SciencesNo
Olson, TamaraMathematical SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Ong, BenjaminMathematical SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Pinelis, IosifMathematical SciencesNo
Piret, CecileMathematical SciencesNo
Reed, ElizabethMathematical SciencesFall 2014Fall 2016No
Rho, YeonwooMathematical SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Sha, QiuyingMathematical SciencesSpring 2016Fall 2016Yes
Struthers, AllanMathematical SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Sun, JieMathematical SciencesNo
Sun, JiguangMathematical SciencesFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Tanner, FranzMathematical SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Tonchev, VladimirMathematical SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Wang, MinMathematical SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Wang, ZeyingMathematical SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Xu, ZhengfuMathematical SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Yang, YangMathematical SciencesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Zanello, FabrizioMathematical SciencesSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Zhang, KuiMathematical SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Zhang, ShuanglinMathematical SciencesNo
Abdelkhalik, OssamaMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Allen, JeffreyMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2020Spring 2014No
Bar Ziv, EzraMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Barnard, AndrewMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Beard, JohnMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Blough, JasonMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Cai, ChunpeiMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Chen, BoMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Choi, Chang KyoungMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2016Spring 2015Yes
DeClerck, JamesMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Endres, WilliamMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Friedrich, CraigMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Gauchia Babe, AntonioMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Gershenson, JohnMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2018Fall 2019Yes
Gupta, MaheshMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Jayaraman, GopalMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2014No
Johnson, JaclynMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
King, LyonMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Komaravolu, VMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Lee, Seong-YoungMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Long, FeiMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Mahmoudian, NinaMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Miers, ScottMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Miller, MicheleMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Miskioglu, IbrahimMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Naber, JeffreyMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2017Fall 2019Yes
Narain, AmitabhMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Narendranath, AneetMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Odegard, GregoryMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Parker, GordonMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Ponta, FernandoMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Predebon, WilliamMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2019Spring 2015No
Ra, YoungchulMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Rastgaar Aagaah, MohammadMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Robinett, RushMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Shahbakhti, MahdiMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Sommerville, JasonMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Sorby, SherylMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Sun, YeMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Tajiri, KazuyaMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Tewari, RadheshyamMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Vable, MadhukarMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Van Karsen, CharlesMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Van Susante, PaulusMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Vilmann, CarlMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsNo
Yang, Song-LinMechanical Engrg-Engrg MechanicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Cook, LeslieOffice of Student Affairs & AdvanceFall 2017Fall 2018Yes
Desrochers, MaryFranPavlis Honors CollegeNo
Meadows, LorellePavlis Honors CollegeFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Middlebrook, RebeccaPavlis Honors CollegeNo
Raber, MaryPavlis Honors CollegeNo
Abdalmoneam, Marwa HefnyPhysicsNo
Beck, DonaldPhysicsNo
Borysow, JacekPhysicsNo
Cantrell, WillPhysicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
El-Ganainy, RamyPhysicsNo
Fick, BrianPhysicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Huentemeyer, PetraPhysicsSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Jaszczak, JohnPhysicsSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Kostinski, AlexanderPhysicsNo
Levy, MiguelPhysicsSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Mazzoleni, ClaudioPhysicsSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Nemiroff, RobertPhysicsSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Nitz, DavidPhysicsSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Pandey, RavindraPhysicsSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Pati, RanjitPhysicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Seel, MaximilianPhysicsFall 2013Fall 2014No
Shaw, RaymondPhysicsNo
Suh, Jae YongPhysicsNo
Suits, BryanPhysicsSpring 2013Spring 2013No
Weidman, RobertPhysicsSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Winslow, DustinPhysicsNo
Yap, Yoke KhinPhysicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Mroz, GlennPresident's OfficeFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Huntoon, JacquelineProvost and VP for Acad AffairsFall 2018Fall 2019Yes
Walck, ChristaProvost and VP for Acad AffairsSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Bump, JosephSch Forest Resources & Environ SciFall 2015Fall 2015No
Burton, AndrewSch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Busov, VictorSch Forest Resources & Environ SciFall 2015Fall 2015No
Cavaleri, MollySch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Chimner, RodneySch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2020Fall 2015No
Dickinson, YvetteSch Forest Resources & Environ SciFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Doskey, PaulSch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Flaspohler, DavidSch Forest Resources & Environ SciFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Froese, RobertSch Forest Resources & Environ SciFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Gailing, OliverSch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Kane, EvanSch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Kelly, MatthewSch Forest Resources & Environ SciNo
Laverne, RobertSch Forest Resources & Environ SciNo
Maclean, AnnSch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Orr, BlairSch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Rudnicki, MarkSch Forest Resources & Environ SciFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Sharik, TerrySch Forest Resources & Environ SciFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Storer, AndrewSch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Vucetich, JohnSch Forest Resources & Environ SciFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Wagenbrenner, JosephSch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Webster, ChristopherSch Forest Resources & Environ SciSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Wei, HairongSch Forest Resources & Environ SciFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Breffle, WilliamSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Buche, MariSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Campbell, GarySchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Castro Oliveira, Emanuel Marcos RSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Eshleman, JohnSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Goltz, SoniaSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Graman, GregorySchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2015Spring 2015No
Guo, PengSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Hong, SoonkwanSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Hsin, Hui-wenSchool of Business and EconomicsNo
Hutchinson, RobertSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Johnson, DanaSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Johnson, DeanSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Knewtson, HeatherSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Kolasa, MichaelSchool of Business and EconomicsNo
Lagalo, BryanSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Lagalo, LatikaSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Laplume, AndreSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Leinonen, JonathanSchool of Business and EconomicsNo
Louks, RussellSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Merz, ThomasSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Milligan, SheilaSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Min, JunhongSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Muralidharan, DayaSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Nelson, PaulSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Poonamallee, LathaSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Qi, HaoSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Srivastava, ManishSchool of Business and EconomicsSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Strome, FraserSchool of Business and EconomicsNo
Tuoriniemi, JoelSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Wall, JeffreySchool of Business and EconomicsNo
Woods, RogerSchool of Business and EconomicsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Ahn, YushinSchool of TechnologySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Al araje, Abdul NasserSchool of TechnologySpring 2020Spring 2020Yes
Anderson, TedSchool of TechnologySpring 2015No
Arney, ToddSchool of TechnologySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Artman, LynnSchool of TechnologySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Azizi, SeyyedmohsenSchool of TechnologySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Buda, PaulSchool of TechnologySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Cai, YuSchool of TechnologySpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Daavettila, JohnSchool of TechnologySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Drewyor, MichaelSchool of TechnologyFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Frendewey, JamesSchool of TechnologySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Gao, ChunmingSchool of TechnologyFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Hembroff, GuySchool of TechnologySpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Irwin, JohnSchool of TechnologySpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Johnson, MarkSchool of TechnologySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Levin, EvguenySchool of TechnologyFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Maatta, RobertSchool of TechnologyFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Mauno, RonaldSchool of TechnologyFall 2014No
Mehendale, SunilSchool of TechnologyFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Sergeyev, AleksandrSchool of TechnologySpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Song, JuanSchool of TechnologyNo
Tang, JinshanSchool of TechnologySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Wagner, ScottSchool of TechnologySpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Wang, XinliSchool of TechnologySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Wanless, DavidSchool of TechnologyFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Wanless, LindaSchool of TechnologySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Xiao, WeicanSchool of TechnologySpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Baird, MelissaSocial SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Blair, CarlSocial SciencesNo
Cairns, MaryannSocial SciencesNo
Durfee, MarySocial SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Gale, WilliamSocial SciencesNo
Gorman, HughSocial SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Halvorsen, KathleenSocial SciencesFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Henquinet, KariSocial SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Lafreniere, DonaldSocial SciencesFall 2019No
Langston, NancySocial SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
MacLennan, CarolSocial SciencesSpring 2020Fall 2016Yes
Mayer, AudreySocial SciencesFall 2019Fall 2019Yes
Ontl, KellySocial SciencesNo
Peters, SusannaSocial SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Quivik, FredricSocial SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Robins, JonathanSocial SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Rouleau, LauraSocial SciencesNo
Rouleau, MarkSocial SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Scarlett, SarahSocial SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Scarlett, TimothySocial SciencesFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Schelly, ChelseaSocial SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Sweitz, SamuelSocial SciencesSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Thiam, SaraSocial SciencesNo
Walton, StevenSocial SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2017Yes
Wellstead, AdamSocial SciencesFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Winkler, RichelleSocial SciencesSpring 2017Spring 2018Yes
Wurst, LouiseSocial SciencesNo
Reed, DavidVice Pres for ResearchFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Horsch, EllenVice President for AdministrationFall 2019Spring 2018Yes
Anderson, JaredVisual & Performing ArtsSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Beffel, AnneVisual & Performing ArtsFall 2017Fall 2017Yes
Christianson, MichaelVisual & Performing ArtsFall 2016Fall 2016Yes
Cyr, KentVisual & Performing ArtsNo
Friedrich, MaryVisual & Performing ArtsSpring 2019Spring 2019Yes
Gordillo, LisaVisual & Performing ArtsFall 2018Fall 2018Yes
Held, RogerVisual & Performing ArtsSpring 2018Spring 2018Yes
Helsel, PatriciaVisual & Performing ArtsSpring 2016Spring 2016Yes
Irish, MichaelVisual & Performing ArtsSpring 2016Spring 2017Yes
Kane, JessicaVisual & Performing ArtsNo
Kilpela, SusanneVisual & Performing ArtsFall 2014Fall 2015No
Loar, JoshuaVisual & Performing ArtsSpring 2019Spring 2018Yes
Neves, JoelVisual & Performing ArtsFall 2015Fall 2015No
Plummer, ChristopherVisual & Performing ArtsSpring 2020Fall 2015No