Diversity Literacy Certification

Am I Diversity Literacy Certified?

To further the goal of increasing the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in STEM fields at Michigan Tech, and to encourage a more diverse and equitable campus climate, the provost requires that all faculty who serve on a search committee be literate in issues of gender diversity and unconscious bias in academia, including the legal aspects of hiring for diversity in academia.

Faculty become Diversity Literacy Certified by completing the Diversity Literacy Workshop, which is offered several times each year. Each workshop consist of two components, (1) a three-week online component in recognizing unconscious gender bias, and (2) a culminating online course in legal aspects of hiring for diversity. Participants must complete both components in order to receive certification. The table below lists the certification status of all Michigan Tech faculty.

For those who have already taken the full three-week diversity literacy course and whose certification has expired, there are one-week "refresher" courses (one week of Diversity Literacy, followed by one week of Legal Aspects).

Note: Blank fields indicate that a requirement has yet to be completed.

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