April 11, 2017, Vol. 23, No. 16

Michigan Tech President Glenn Mroz Announces Intention to Return to Faculty in 2018


by University Marketing and Communications

Michigan Technological University President Glenn D. Mroz announced his intention to return to faculty starting no sooner than June 30, 2018. In an open letter to the University community yesterday, Mroz stated, “For some time now, the University leadership and I have worked to develop a comprehensive plan in anticipation of leadership succession. This announcement marks the beginning of a period of transition, allowing the Board of Trustees to conduct a thorough and effective search.”

Board of Trustees Chair Terry Woychowski stated, “It’s with considerable regret we acknowledge this news from Glenn. Being the type of leader he is, he’s given Michigan Tech and the Board of Trustees a long lead time. This is not the time to thank Glenn for his amazing tenure—that will come in due course. For now, we need his foot on the gas and both hands on the wheel.”

Mroz is the third-longest serving current president among the public universities in the state of Michigan and will be the fourth-longest serving president at Michigan Tech by the time he steps down next year.

Mroz continued, “Communications like these often bring feelings of uncertainty, and with uncertainty sometimes comes a predilection to delay decision-making. I have no intention of allowing Michigan Tech to lose its forward momentum. The University owes you nothing less.”

The full contents of Mroz’s letter are below.

Dear Michigan Tech Community,

After much thought and deliberationI am writing to let you know that yesterday I informed the Board of Trustees of my intent to return to the Michigan Tech faculty ranks as of June 30, 2018.

For some time nowthe University leadership and I have worked to develop a comprehensive plan in anticipation of leadership successionThis announcement marks the beginning of a period of transitionallowing the Board of Trustees to conduct a thorough and effective search.

Communications like these often bring feelings of uncertaintyand with uncertainty sometimes comes a predilection to delay decision-makingI have no intention of allowing Michigan Tech to lose its forward momentumThe University owes you nothing less.  

The Board of Trustees is organizing the search and will provide brief details at their open meeting on April 28.

When President Ray Smith informed the then Board of Control of his intention to step down as president in 1978, he wrote, “My reason is simpleIts time.” I cant say it better than that.  

Warm regards,


And, throughout the next year, President Mroz will continue to lead, plan, and move Michigan Tech forward.


At Tech


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