Professional Development Day

The Professional Development Day conference is held every two years and sponsored by the Professional Development Committee with co-sponsorship from Staff Council. This spring conference is open to all members of the Michigan Tech community and offers extensive learning opportunities in areas such as student and staff supervision, technology training, wellness, federal regulations, assessment, and more. This year's Professional Development Day is May 20.

Participate in the back channel discussion by tweeting #MTUProDev before, during, and after Professional Development Day. For more information please visit our Twitter Information page.

Keynote Speaker: Metta McGarvey

Metta McGarvey is a visiting faculty member at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and Chair of Inner Strengths of Successful Leaders, Programs in Professional Education at HGSE. Metta’s expertise is in adult development, specializing in the transformational potential of mindfulness, reflective practices, and emotional development. She holds a doctorate in Human Development and Psychology from HGSE and two prior degrees in Buddhist Studies. She also works with leaders and managers as a consultant to develop skills and capacities to better manage stress, work with complex multi-faceted relational and organizational challenges, and enhance resilience and joy for professional effectiveness and personal wellness.

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Introduction to Mindfulness: Being Fully Present

In this experiential session we will learn two mindfulness practices that enhance our ability to be more fully present, calm, and better able to savor the joys of the moment. The session will include a brief sitting meditation and some gentle stretching and mindful walking.

Keynote and Luncheon:

Inner Strengths for Managing Stress: Mindfulness Practices for Thriving at Work

University life can be tremendously rewarding—but in our culture of 24/7 email and multi-tasking, most of us feel overwhelmed at times. How can mindfulness practices help us shift our focus from simply surviving to actually thriving given the sheer volume of work, inevitable conflicts, and structural challenges of organizational life? We’ll take a quick tour of three kinds of mindfulness practices, and the scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness, to help you identify techniques you might want to add to your toolkit for managing the stresses of work and help you maintain your focus, clarity, wellness, and productivity. The first type of practices provide a brief respite from stress by evoking a physiological relaxation response. The second type of practices help us manage our unhelpful reactions to stress that often increase our stress exponentially. The third type of practices help us develop self-awareness to understand and change our deeply ingrained patterns of reaction and eliminate them at the root.

Session D:

Mindfulness Practices for Focus, Clarity, and Productivity

This experiential session will introduce foundational mindfulness techniques that build mastery of attention. With practice over time, these techniques develop our ability to stay focused and enhance clarity in the midst of the everyday pressures of work and life. 




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