Training Requirements

Federal law mandates that Michigan Tech ensure that all researchers receive education specific to the laws and practices designed to ensure the protection of animals. ALL Michigan Tech research team members involved in a project in which animals are utilized will be required to complete the Animal Welfare (CITI) training PRIOR to submitting a proposal for IACUC review.

It is important for everyone to be current on the most recent laws and practices. For instance, new techniques may be available for certain procedures, or laws may have changed. It is your responsibility to ensure the proper care and use of animals involved in your research. Please view this as an opportunity to learn something new or be reminded of other options that may results in new experimental techniques. 

Michigan Technological University is committed to the humane care and use of animals in research. To ensure that all investigators and research personnel receive education in animal subjects protection, Michigan Tech has posted several important sources of information at this IACUC website. To meet the standard of excellence set forward by Michigan Technological University, every Michigan Tech investigator is required to give assurance that he/she has read the Animal Welfare Act and Animal Care Regulations.

Basic Instruction

At Michigan Tech all investigators and staff who use animals in their research and teaching are required to complete Animal Welfare instruction before beginning their research and every two years thereafter. Michigan Tech's IACUC Animal Welfare Courses are hosted by The CITI Program.

If you are new to Michigan Tech and are required to complete a Lab Animal Welfare Course, follow the link to www.citiprogram.orgto register for a CITI course.

If you already have a username and password from a previous CITI Program (e.g. Human Subjects Protection), you may use it to access the Lab Animal Welfare Training Program at

If you are a NEW USER, use the following instructions:

LOGON Instructions:

  1. Click on the Link "New Users Register Here"
  2. Under "Participating Institutions, select MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, in the drop down box (then submit).
  3. Create your own username and password (then submit).
  4. Enter your first name, last name, and preferred email address (then submit).
  5. Please provide the requested information (then submit)
  6. Now you can choose your CITI Curriculum.

After completing the registration process, users are now setup as CITI Learners under their University set- up requirements. For Lab Animal Welfare Courses go to Question 4.

You may want to complete the training course in several sessions. Returning to the site requires signing in with your Username and Password.

Certification of successful completion can be obtained by downloading the Completion Report after finishing all of the prescribed modules. Do not print and submit your grade book as evidence of completion.

NOTE: Michigan Technological University is requiring researchers and students to take the CITI refresher courses every two years.