Success Stories

Carbon Foam: The Key Ingredient of a Better Battery? 

A lighter, greener, cheaper, longer-lasting battery 
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Alumnus Teams with Tech on a Project to Reclaim Stamp Sand and Grow an Industry 

Despite the economic downturn, the roofing industry in America will experience long-term, fruitful prospects, and Michigan Tech will play a role in this nearly $9-billion annual market. 

Students Build CO2 Scrubber

An 11-foot bench-model smokestack packed with glass beads is percolating away in a lab. Near the top, a proprietary liquid dribbles down. From below, carbon dioxide bubbles up. By the time the gas reaches the top, fully half of the CO2 has been gobbled up by the liquid. 
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Nano-Bio Hybrids: Bringing Nano to Life at Michigan Tech  

Michigan Tech researchers are making nano-things that virtually build themselves: solar cells from proteins "assembled" by bacteria and titanium dioxide nanotubes created though a simple chemical reaction. 
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Safer Helmet, Safer Head--Michigan Tech Team Takes Its Award-winning Invention to San Francisco Inventors Expo 

A team of inventive engineering students from Michigan Tech has designed a new and promising protective layer for sports and motorcycle helmets. 
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Roadway asset management system designed to address the specific needs of counties, cities and villages.  

Developed over the past 15 years by the staff of the Technology Development Group of the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute, RoadSoft is now available worldwide under a nonprofit license. 
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SafeLane Returns to its Roots: Three Campus Walkways Get a Makeover 

SafeLane, which is being marketed by Cargill, is a mix of epoxy and aggregate rock applied to pavement. When liquid anti-icing chemicals are applied to the overlay before ice or snowstorms hit, the material acts like a rigid sponge, storing the chemicals inside and automatically releasing them as wintery conditions develop. The result is safer surfaces with better traction and less maintenance. 
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Somero-MTU Agreement Pays Off 

Somero Enterprises, with a manufacturing facility near the university, develops high-tech methods for laying concrete with an exceptionally flat surface. A 3-D profiler, created by Michigan Tech in collaboration with Somero, allows the company’s laser screed machines to make one pass on complex contoured paving projects. 
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Tech Start-up Wins BioScience Showcase in Detroit 

Kalamazoo-based Aursos Inc. is a company established to commercialize a treatment for osteoporosis and other bone disorders based on research by Associate Professor Seth Donahue (Biomedical Engineering) on black bear parathyroid hormone. 
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Alum Honored for Commercializing MTU Research 

Michigan Technological University alumnus Glen Barna, received an award from the state of Michigan to celebrate the successful commercialization of technology developed at Michigan's public universities. Barna, president of IR Telemetrics, received a $25,000 prize. 
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Getting Coal Ash out of the Landfill and Into Building Materials 

Fly ash, a byproduct of operating coal-fired power plants, has gone into landfills for decades. But a process developed by Michigan Technological University's Institute of Materials Processing converts the ash into a valuable mineral filler product.