Industry Relations Across Campus

Industry Relations Team

Brent Burns

Director of Industry Relations

Cell: 906-281-7746
Lakeshore Center 202F


  • Leads the activities of the Industry Relations team through the Office of Innovation and Industry Engagement
  • Directs strategies for greater engagement and support between industry partners and University stakeholders
Pete Cattelino

Pete Cattelino

Associate Director of Strategic Industry Partnerships

Lakeshore Center 202G


  • Leads relationship development of strategic industry partnerships
  • Directs the engagement of key corporate partners in cooperation with multiple University stakeholders
  • Coordinates broad-based proposals that support multiple University stakeholders yielding a broad range of industry partner benefits
Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Director of Industry Program Development

Cell: 906-281-6983
Lakeshore Center 202E


  • Directs the development of sustainable funding models for University programs that provide benefit to the University and industry partners
  • Leads development of initiatives to increase industrial funding for institutes, centers, and strategic programs at the University

Elizabeth Hoy

Assistant Director of Operations and Industry Outreach

Lakeshore Center 202I


  • Identifies and implements operational processes for monitoring and communicating University and industry partnership activities
  • Directs the development and distribution of outreach material to external partners
  • Leads economic development activities through the Office of Innovation and Industry Engagement

Career Services

Stephen Patchin Staff Photo

Stephen Patchin


220F Admin Bldg

Links of Interest


  • Develop corporate sponsored, learning-outcome based, on campus events
  • Develop expanded corporate/academic department student centered experience co-op/internship programs domestically and abroad
  • Lead team to develop broad-based, multiple-faceted approach to connect collegiate-to-career experience using experiential learning
Jim Desrochers

Jim Desrochers

Associate Director for Employer Relations

220G Admin Bldg

Links of Interest


  • Solicit and secure partnerships and funding with corporate employers of Michigan Tech students
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with corporate representatives on behalf of Career Services
  • Collaborate with Corporate Partners and other University administrators in the stewardship of corporate gift programs and proposals

Center for Pre-College Outreach

Cody Kangas

Cody Kangas

Director, Center for Pre-College Outreach



  • MA, Education - Postsecondary Leadership, Michigan State University
  • BA, Sport Management, University of Michigan


  • Prior to coming to Michigan Tech in 2008, Cody worked in several academic and athletic outreach programs, including Ann Arbor Public Schools and the United States Olympic Committee. While at Michigan Tech Cody has served on a number of task forces and steering committees, managed the delivery of innovative outreach programming for several hundred-thousand students and families through federal and private-funded sponsors, and created innovative partnerships with stakeholders across K-12 schools, industry representatives, and non-profit organizations. He is a proud father of two girls and spends his free time with his wife and family, traveling, and playing the guitar.

Keweenaw Research Center & Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Brian Hannon

Brian Hannon

Assistant Director of Industry Sponsored Programs

Cell: 906-370-2423
Lakeshore Center 202H


  • Leads opportunity engagement with industry partners for sponsored programs at the University, including Clean Snowmobile Challenge and Mind Trekkers
  • Develops external prospects for Keweenaw Research Center research and testing
  • Identifies industrial support for sponsored research

Student Sponsored Projects

Richard J. Berkey

Richard J. Berkey

Director of Industry Engagement and Educational Partnerships

Advisor, Supermileage Systems Enterprise

Pavlis Honors College


  • Corporate/Industry Sponsorship
  • Product Development
  • Program Management
  • Lean / Six Sigma / Design for Six Sigma Methodologies
Robert DeJonge

Robert DeJonge

Senior Research Engineer II

Senior Design Projects Coordinator

MEEM 207

Research Development & Foundation Relations

Peter A. Larsen

Peter A. Larsen

Director, Research Development

Lakeshore Center 202D


  • Enhancement of the research environment for external proposal success through networking/collaboration/information sharing events and related campus-wide efforts.
  • Pre-submission assistance for proposals (federal, state, foundation, and others), in particular large and strategic university initiatives
  • Assist investigators with internal research processes (e.g., cost sharing, budget strategy, research administration)
  • Proposal development assistance: writing, editing, and assistance with submission logistics
  • Development of non-technical proposal sections (e.g., broader impacts, education, management, and outreach plans.
  • When not in the office, can usually be found camping in the Keweenaw
Jodi Lehman

Jodi Lehman

Assistant Director, Research Development

Lakeshore Center 202C


  • Manage/steward foundation relationships
  • Strategic research advancement planning
  • Proposal development - idea-generating, writing, editing, visual design, evaluation plans, and broader impact/training sections
  • Enhancement of collaboration/team science and project management
  • Provide research development opportunities - seminars, workshops, and webinars
  • Faculty liaison with federal agencies
  • When not in the office, can usually be found on the Tech Trails or Lake Superior

Natasha Chopp

Research Development and Marketing Manager

Lakeshore Center 202B


  • Establish, manage, and market a public investment program for research initiatives
  • Develop, expand, and provide oversight for activities designed to assist researchers with their success at obtaining external private funding
  • Work with departments, schools, centers/institutes, and research faculty to develop coordinated strategies for increasing external private funding
  • Develop and maintain websites, social media sites, and other marketing tools
  • Oversee the coordination of VPR campus education
  • Student mentoring for development of external fellowship proposals, including NSF, GRFP, DOD Smart, and related programs
  • Favorite animal is the three-toed sloth

Athletic Sponsorships

Joel Isaacson

Joel Isaacson

Associate Athletic Director for External Relations


Technology Transfer and Innovation

Jim Baker

Jim Baker

Executive Director, Innovation and Industry Engagement

ATDC 210


  • Intellectual property/patents
  • Technology licensing
  • Corporate research
  • Spin-off/start-up business development
Shivam Bharti

Shivam Bharti

Technology Commercialization Associate, Innovation and Industry Engagement

ATDC 212


  • Lead technology commercialization activities including review of invention disclosures, development and execution of patent protection strategy, and execution of commercialization plans.
  • Develop licensing opportunities and negotiate license terms with existing and startup companies.
  • Participate in the formation and growth of new companies started for the purpose of commercializing University intellectual property.
  • Interpret and explain University policies and practices related to a number of areas including intellectual property rights, sponsored research, and conflict of interest.
  • Develop and implement commercialization strategies including cultivation of licensees and strategic partners and recruitment of research and development funding from public and private sources.
John Diebel

John Diebel

Assistant Director for Technology Commercialization, Innovation and Industry Engagement

M&M 706


  • Solicits reviews and receives invention disclosures from faculty, students, and research personnel
  • Describes features of disclosed inventions to patent counsel and office personnel for patentability assessments
  • Assesses market potential for licensing of inventions or for sponsored research funding based on inventions
  • Develops technology commercialization strategies and strategies for intellectual property protection
  • Participates in negotiations for non-disclosure agreements, license agreements, material transfer agreements, and other related IP agreements with industry
Robin Kolehmainen

Robin Kolehmainen

Patent/License Manager, Innovation and Industry Engagement

ATDC 208


  • Reviews, negotiates, and processes Non-Disclosure Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements
  • Manages the University Trademark Program entailing the processing of license agreements with vendors to use university logos
  • Administering legal matters (patents)
  • Processes and manages license agreements with the university
  • Information system management
Mike Morley

Mike Morley

Manager, Tech Marketing, Innovation and Industry Engagement

ATDC 209


  • Invention disclosure and portfolio management
  • Commercial and intellectual property assessment for new technologies
  • Technology marketing, commercialization planning, and licensing

Industrial Contracting and Student Design Contracts

No Photo
"A problem well stated is a problem half solved."
—Charles F. Kettering

Diane Garrow

Mgr, Academic Agreements, Student Design Contracts, and Unrestricted Sponsored Programs, Innovation and Industry Engagement

ATDC 207


  • Student Design project contracts (non-governmental) review, negotiation, authorization, and pre- and post-award administration
  • Domestic and International Academic Agreements review, negotiation, and processing
  • Gift proposal review, interpretation, and authorization
  • PERC Partnership Agreements review, negotiation, authorization, and processing
No Photo

Marilyn Haapapuro

Associate Director for Industrial Contracting, Innovation and Industry Engagement

ATDC 203


  • Administration of industrial sponsored research agreements, including negotiation practices, proposal and award processes, and contract language.
  • Develop, review and approve budgets and proposals prior to submission to industrial sponsors, including those with federal pass-through funds.
  • Review, interpret and negotiate agreement terms and conditions with industrial sponsors.
  • Review, interpret and determine applicability of Federal Acquisition Regulations in federal pass-through awards.
  • Provide post award support (eg. time extensions, changes in principal investigator, budget modifications, changes in project scope).
Tom Holzberger staff photo

Tom Holzberger

Contracts Analyst, Innovation and Industry Engagement

ATDC 204


  • General oversight of industry/corporate contracts including those funded by another source (eg. federal or state agency) through an industry sponsor
  • Develop, review and approve budgets and proposals prior to submission to sponsor
  • Review, interpret and negotiate contract terms and conditions
  • Provide post award support related to contract terms (eg. time extension, change in principal investigator, budget modifications, change in scope)