Registrar's Office

Residency Policy

The governing body at each university in Michigan has the authority to determine residency classification guidelines for admission and tuition purposes. Therefore, residency guidelines may vary from school to school and are independent of guidelines used by other state authorities to determine residency for purposes such as income and property tax liability, driving, and voting.

A resident student is defined as a student domiciled in the State of Michigan. Dependent students must have the same residency as their parents. Independent students must have a physical presence in Michigan. Students who enroll in the University as non-residents shall be so classified throughout their attendance as students unless residency reclassification is granted. Continuously enrolled non-resident students are not eligible for reclassification.

Residency Reevaluation

Students who believe their residency status has changed since their first enrollment, may seek evaluation of their status by emailing the Registrar’s Office or calling 906-487-2319.