Graduation Application

The Graduation Application is changing to an electronic format later this fall. Spring 2015 graduates and beyond will be notified when the new application is available. Until that time, this form can only be completed by fall 2014 graduates.

The following information must be completed and submitted in order for graduation clearance to take place and to print your diploma with the correct information. A separate application is required for each undergraduate degree.

Any change in the graduation application, once it is filed, must be reported to the Degree Services Office, (906) 487-2395, If you fail to meet graduation requirements in the semester you specified, you must notify Degree Services of the change to your graduation date and submit a new Graduation Application in order to be considered further for graduation clearance.

Graduation Application Form (Undergraduate Only)


Diploma Mailing Address

Diplomas will be mailed 30-60 days after the term that all degree/graduation requirements have been met.
Note: Changes to this address must be made with the Degree Services Office. A $30 processing fee will be assessed for diplomas that have to be reprinted due to an incorrect address.

Major/Concentration Information

Commencement Information

I am currently enrolled in (check all that apply):

  (Two majors within a single bachelor's degree - one diploma)
  (Check if you have earned one degree and are pursuing another, or if you are pursuing two degrees simultaneously)

Note: Only minors 1 and 2 can be displayed on the diploma

  (course credit that will be transferred from another institution that will complete your degree requirements)

Prospective grads are not permitted to attend a ceremony prior to the actual graduation term without permission from Degree Services. Summer graduates are excluded.

Will you attend the commencement ceremony?