The President of the University is the chief executive officer, appointed by and reporting to the Board of Control. The President is ultimately responsible for all aspects of Michigan Technological University including:

  • positioning Michigan Tech as a premier technological university for the twenty-first century,
  • timely implementation of Board of Control policies,
  • effective shared governance,
  • ensuring the financial viability of the University,
  • continuous improvement of our students’ quality of learning and employees’ working environments,
  • fund raising,
  • fostering effective relationships with government agencies and political leaders, corporations, and industry leaders,
  • communicating with more than 45,000 alumni and the general public about  Michigan Tech, and
  • institutional responses to political, social, and ethical issues.

President's Campus Forum

Future Meeting Dates

  • December 16, 2014
  • April 28, 2015

Past Presentations

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Contact Information

Dr. Glenn D. Mroz
Room 500A, Administration Building


Roberta M. Dessellier
Staff Associate to the President
Room 500, Administration Building
Phone: 906-487-2200, Fax: 906-487-2935