Online Learning

Is Online Right for Me?

We offer a variety of individual courses, certificates, and graduate degrees—including Engineering.

Convenience—online learning provides greater flexibility and can fit around a busy schedule. Don't live in Houghton? That's okay too!

Caution! Online is not a good fit for everyone. Online courses may require more time—plan a minimum of 3-4 hours per week per credit hour.

Online learning means you should be comfortable with and have reliable access to adequate technology. It also means acquiring your own textbooks, finding a proctor for exams, and much more.

Time management: there may not be a set class time, but there are still deadlines! You must be proactive, manage your schedule, and plan ahead for emergencies. Online learning is not ‘learn at your own pace.’

Independence: interaction with instructors may not be immediate—you need to forge your own path, set goals, and proactively ask questions.

You should be a strong reader who is also proficient at written communication.

Computers can crash, power can go out, files may fail and you still have deadlines. Being calm and resourceful and planning ahead will help you navigate these issues and allow you to be successful.