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Allison Mills

Allison Mills

Science and Technology Writer

A through and through geek, Allison writes university research stories. She studied geoscience as an undergrad at Northland College before getting a master's in environmental science and natural resource journalism at the University of Montana. She moonlights as a dance instructor, radio fiend, and occasional rock licker.

Most Recent Stories

A Kick in the Head

She stood at the edge of the field, the outside left corner. The grass, her teammates, her opponents—and the state championship—spread out before her. She knew before she stepped in for the free kick that it wasn’t right. The soccer ball hit the upper right corner of the crossbar. The goalie was wearing yellow. Her jersey was . . . Read More

Microbes in the Bilge

Microbiologist Steve Techtmann won a DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA) to study microbial biosignatures that identify what waters they . . . Read More