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Jennifer Donovan—Director of News and Media Relations

Jennifer Donovan

Director of News and Media Relations

About Jenn

  • Her specialties include working with local, regional, national and special-interest news media.
  • She is skilled at finding and developing University news and research stories and interesting the news media in covering them.
  • She maintains the University Experts Guide.
  • She is a former newspaper reporter and magazine writer.
  • She enjoys reading detective stories and science fiction novels.

Most Recent Stories

Dan Fuhrnann, chair of electrical and computer engineering, has been named the Dave House Professor in Computer Engineering.  

Facilities Management Director Kerri Sleeman testifies before US Senate on fair pay legislation.

Michigan Tech's Isle Royale wolf-moose study is being inducted into the Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame

An under-ice observatory at the Great Lakes Research Center is providing a rare view of what goes on under water during the long UP winters.

Michigan Tech researchers are studying Mexico's system of paying landowners to preserve forested land to protect the quality of water for communities downstream.