Jennifer Donovan

Jennifer Donovan

About Jennifer

Jennifer Donovan is a freelance writer in Houghton. She served for 11 years as director of news and media relations at Michigan Tech. She has worked as a newspaper reporter, national magazine writer and public information officer for universities and research organizations. She loves the UP, snow and all.

Recent Stories 

Bocce Ball Returns to Michigan Tech

In 1977, a group of Michigan Tech engineering students from the Iron Mountain, Michigan, area brought the game to campus. An informal tournament was held at Winter Carnival that year on a makeshift ice court. The students continued playing in the lobby of East Coed Hall (now McNair) for the remainder of the year. Eventually, a club was formed that lasted . . . Read More

Commercialization Projects Garner MTRAC Funding

Four technologies from universities across Michigan that demonstrate commercial potential in applied advanced materials earned funding from the Michigan Technological University Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) statewide Innovation Hub. The support will help them continue their path toward commercialization. Michigan Tech engineering . . . Read More

Tech in Ten: Where Theory and Application Meet

Michigan Tech’s College of Engineering teaches engineering and the University’s School of Technology teaches engineering technology. What in the world is the difference, and what will the two look like in a decade? Jim Frendewey, retiring dean of the School of Technology, explains the dichotomy from a historical perspective.   . . . Read More

A Bright Future for Energy

Hu’s groundbreaking work has led to several brand-new materials and processes. The innovations will help in a number of applied technologies—from supercapacitors that run elevators to solar cell banks to computer data storage to making hydrogen fuel from water and sunlight. The breadth and rigor of Hu’s work has been recognized with . . . Read More