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Jennifer Donovan—Director of News and Media Relations

Jennifer Donovan

Director of News and Media Relations

About Jenn

  • Her specialties include working with local, regional, national and special-interest news media.
  • She is skilled at finding and developing University news and research stories and interesting the news media in covering them.
  • She maintains the University Experts Guide.
  • She is a former newspaper reporter and magazine writer.
  • She enjoys reading detective stories and science fiction novels.

Most Recent Stories

President Obama's call for free community college tuition aims to increase access to higher education for disadvantaged students. A new ranking says Michigan Tech is already doing that.

Michigan Tech hires Federal Science Partners to raise the University's visibility in Washington, D.C .

Michigan Tech scientists, engineers and partners deploy under-ice research equipment under the frozen Portage Waterway. 

Physicist Robert Nemiroff describes potential usefulness of photonic booms in studying the cosmos.

Ravindra Pandey, chair of the Department of Physics, is elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society.