2011 Winter Carnival Snow Statue Winners

By Jennifer Donovan | Published

The 2011 Phi Kappa Tau's winning statue, based on the Chronicles of Narnia.
The 2011 Phi Kappa Tau's winning statue, based on the Chronicles of Narnia.

The iconic image of Winter Carnival is the snow statues. They are a long, arduous labor or a frenetic overnight scramble. They define the pageantry of this annual ritual, which is getting on towards a hundred years old now. As usual, this year scores of statues were built. Some are modest; some are immense. Some are plain; some are magnificent. All of them reach beyond campus, for they are the foundation of a community event that is fashioned by the stalwart students of Michigan Tech.

Here are the statue results as voted by 25 judges. The overall theme was "Thousands of Pages Unfold in the Bitter Cold."

Monthlong--Women's Groups
1--Alpha Sigma Tau: "Alive Library" (on College Ave.)
2--Alpha Gamma Delta: "Alice in Wonderland" (near Walker)
3--Delta Zeta: "Rainbow Fish" (next to the Memorial Union)
4--Delta Phi Epsilon: "Winnie the Pooh" (between EERC and ChemSci)
5--Theta Chi Epsilon: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (front of the library)
6--Alpha Xi Zeta: "Text Book" (front of Ed Opp)

Monthlong--Residence Halls
1--West McNair Superhall: "Clifford the Big Red Dog" (next to Wads)
2--Da Nort Side: "3 Little Pigs" (next to Walker)
3--Summit Learning Community: "Moby Dick" (near Walker)
4--Mama's Boys: "The Grinch" (between Dillman and the M&M)
5--Raptor: "Jurassic Park" (near Walker)
6--FYE: "Show House" (near the M&M)

Monthlong--Student Organizations
1--Campus Crusade for Christ: "Bible" (next to the library)
2--Air Force ROTC: "3 Little Pigs" (in front of ROTC building)
3--Army ROTC: "Hobbit" (in front of ROTC building)
4--MTU 4x4: "Everybody Poops" (between M&M and Dillman)
5--PFRC: "Odyssey 2" (between Dillman and EERC)

1--Phi Kappa Tau: "Chronicles of Narnia" (Hancock)
2--Delta Sigma Phi: "Harry Potter" (next to Wads)
3--Tau Kappa Epsilon: "Jurassic Park" (next to Admin)
4--Sigma Phi Epsilon: "Little Engine That Could" (between EERC and ChemSci)
5--Triangle: "Calvin and Hobbs" (near Wads)
6--Lambda Chi Alpha: "Swiss Family Robinson" (on College Ave)
7--Beta Sigma Theta: "Clifford" (on College Ave)
8--Delta Upsilon: "The Hobbit" (near AOB)

One-Nighter--University Housing
2--Sleepy Hollow
3--Tollhouse: "Light the Universe (Don't Panic)"
6--MTU Apartments: "Aesop's Fables"
7--TISC: "Everybody Poops"
8--Knight House: "Phone Book"
13--Fair Warning: "Answer to Life"
16--Penthouse: "Calvin and Hobbs"

One-Nighter--On Campus
2--School of Business and Economics
3--Night Club-VPA
4--Geology Club
5--American Chemical Society
6--Green Campus Enterprise
7--Gamers Anonymous
8--Materials United
9--Keweenaw Pride
10--Alpha Phi Omega
11--Women's Hockey Club
12--Society of Physics Students

One-Nighter--Off Campus
1--Concordia Student Movement
2--St. Albert the Great
Participant: Lutheran Student Movement

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