Other Amenities

Library Overnight Services

Overnight Services are available to faculty, students and staff with card access. Amenities include 24 hour access to library material, use of group study rooms, access to library computers and other technology and services. Library staff are available to help you around the clock at the Library and IT Service Center. And our 24 hour library security provides a safe, secure environment for students to work at their convenience.

Reading Rooms

The John and Ruanne Opie Library is a great place to study, meet friends, or just relax. The library is open 24/7 for Michigan Tech faculty, students, and staff, every night of the year except for the eve of Winter Carnival. The library consists of the the East Reading Room and the Opie Reading Room, which frequently hosts scholarly talks and other events. 

Library Tours

The library offers regular tours of its resources, spaces and places. Tours take approximately 30 minutes and are offered each Sunday at 5pm, and each Tuesday and Thursday at 10am, 1pm, and 7pm. To take the tour, simply visit the Library and IT Service center on the first floor of the library at these times.

Library Café

The Library Café is located on the first floor of the library and is an enjoyable space for studying, meeting with friends or grabbing a beverage or a bite to eat. The café features Starbucks coffee and other beverages, as well as scones, muffins, sandwiches, salads, and a friendly, inviting atmosphere. For current café hours see the library's hours of operation.

John Rovano Plaza

Thanks to the generous donation of Michigan Tech alumnus David Brule ('72), the café-adjacent John Rovano plaza offers a garden setting for reading, working, or just enjoying the beautiful Upper Peninsula summer and fall.

Digital Studio

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Electronic Device Charging Stations

The library has several charging stations for a variety of electronic devices. Located on the first floor near convenient study areas, students may charge their devices while they study. Please see our for locations. 

Student Lockers

The library rents lockers to interested students on a semester ($20) or yearly ($50) basis. Locker rental may be arranged through the Library and IT Service Center.

Graduate Student Areas

The Library has a designated space for graduate students located on the first floor.

Meditation Space

The library offers a space for quiet contemplation located on the third floor in the northwest corner of the building.