Experimental Education Environment

The Experimental Education Environment (E3) is a new space meant to support all Michigan Tech instructors’ experimentation with instructional designs, use of instructional technology or educational media and room or furniture arrangement.  As a collaboration among the staff of the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning, Information Technology’s Media Services and the Van Pelt and Opie Library staff, instructors interested in using this space for formal instruction or informal student groups will receive support for their pedagogical ideas or challenges from the Center for Teaching and Learning’s instructional designers or technology idea support from IT’s Media Services.  With its partners, the library has developed this space to encourage faculty innovation as it evolves towards an Information and Learning Commons.

The initial start-up, supported by the Herman Miller Corporation, was based on the ideas of a group of faculty, CTL, IT and library staff and jump-started by a student team under the leadership of Linda Wanless from the School of Technology.

For the next year, Dr. Wanless will be leading an educational research program in consort with the Herman Miller team to assess the value of the space and instructor and learner satisfaction. The space will also enable IT Media Services, instructors or vendors to test new technologies, media or furniture prior to larger-scale use.

Scheduling Information

Schedule classes or groups (under 20 students) by contacting the Office of the University Librarian at 906-487-2500 or library@mtu.edu

Schedule an instructional design consultation, when desirable, with the Center for Teaching and Learning: 906-487-3000

Contact Linda Wanless for optional/mandatory research parameters: lswanles@mtu.edu or 906-487-4592

During the coming year we will also be developing ways to fully maximize use of this space. To begin, we will use a first-come, first-served method so even if your interest is tentative, don’t hesitate to book time now.  Except for holiday breaks, the library is open 24/7 for all uses, including this space.