Course Reserve Request

Instructors may submit materials for electronic or print course reserve.

  • Electronic Course Reserve—Library staff will scan print material and link PDF documents to the instructor's name, department and course number in the Library’s Online Catalog for students to download for the duration of the semester. Should instructors already have an electronic copy of their materials to provide to the library, they may email them to together with a filled-out electronic copy of the Course Reserve Request Form.
  • Print Course Reserve—Library staff will hold print materials on reserve behind the desk at the Library and IT Service Center for students to check out for the duration of the semester. Instructor-supplied material will be returned at the end of the semester.

To place materials on print or electronic course reserve:

  1. Fill out the online Course Reserve Request form.
  1. Print and manually complete the Course Reserve Request Form.
  2. Bring or send the completed Reserve Form and your materials to the Library and IT Service Center on the first floor. You may also email your completed Course Reserve Form and your electronic materials directly to
Allow 24 hours for processing and at least one week when the item is not currently available in the library. 

Course Reserve Policy

Course reserve materials must comply with the U.S. copyright laws and university policies. The library will not knowingly place material on course reserve which violates the U.S. copyright law and/or university policies pertaining to copyright.

In some cases, copyright permission may be required in order to place published material on print or electronic course reserve. While the library can provide assistance in locating information about copyright or obtaining copyright permissions, ultimately copyright compliance is the responsibility of the instructor. Instructors should consult the University's policy on copyright, and the Fair Use section of the U.S. Copyright Law when considering copyright protected works for course reserves.