Logging On: MyMichiganTech

When you were admitted to Michigan Tech, you were issued a Michigan Tech e-mail account and web portal (MyMichiganTech).

To access your account, log onto MyMichiganTech using your username and ISO password. Check your Michigan Tech e-mail regularly and always include your full name and your Michigan Tech student ID number on all messages and correspondence.


Since you have access to a computer lab that meets all your computing needs, having a personal computer is not necessary; however, if you are interested in having your own computer, here are some things to consider:

  • Desktops allow you to work comfortably from your residence hall room or apartment.
  • Desktops are generally less expensive than laptops.
  • Laptops are versatile if you would like to get away from your room to work, and they take up less space.

If you do plan to purchase a new computer, consult Telecommunications Services for computer specifications to ensure that your machine is properly equipped for Resnet, the on-campus internet service.

Telephone dialing instructions for calling to the United States from abroad

Dial the U.S.A. international access code (00 in many countries) + 1 + (3 digit area code) + (7 digit number)

Telephone dialing instructions for calling abroad from the United States

Dial the exit international code (011) + country code + city code + number


How to call China from the U.S.:

Dial 011 + 86 + (2-4 digit area code) + local phone number

Telephone dialing instructions for calls within the United States

Dial 1 + area code + (7 digit phone number) (Note: you will incur long distance charges)


How to call the IPS Office at Michigan Tech from California:

    1. Dial 1
    2. Dial the area code (906)
    3. Dial the 7 digit phone number (487-2160)

Call Directory Assistance if you need the area code for other U.S. cities, dial 1 + 555+ 1212.

Note: additional charges may apply.

For long distance calling, there are numerous calling card options available online. If you have a calling card, there are pay phones in most of the department buildings and in the Memorial Union Building (MUB) that you can use to call home.

Cellular Phones

AT&T and Verizon Wireless offer several plans for you to choose from.