International Ambassador Scholarship (IAS)—Program Information

Information for Community Sponsors

Michigan Tech University is highly committed to bringing and retaining qualified students from all over the world. We recognize that the presence of international students enriches and promotes a globally aware academic community in Houghton, Michigan. We are proud to announce the  International Ambassador Scholarship for international students. The vision for the scholarship stems from the fact that Michigan Tech University has core values by which international students are considered as true ambassadors in the following ways:

  1. International students represent their respective countries and enhance Michigan Tech University’s community global understanding through their diverse perspectives and cultures. They serve as ambassadors of their countries while enrolled at Michigan Tech.
  2. International students also enrich the communities of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan by serving as cultural ambassadors of their countries.
  3. International alumni who become leaders in politics, economies and education in their respective countries serve as ambassadors for Michigan Tech University.

The  International Ambassador Scholarship award recognizes the role and contributions of international students as cultural ambassadors as well as providing opportunities for them to get exposed to the communities and organizations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.