Residence Life—Helpful Tips

Residence Life wants you to be comfortable in your new residential environment. Several resources are available on-campus and online to maintain student health mentally, physically, and emotionally. Housing and Residential Life also have safety and security recommendations available to students.

Counseling Services

The staff at the Counseling Services Office can assist you with personal issues that may interfere with the effective use of your talents. Counselors can help you make decisions, manage stress, improve your communication skills, and foster self-awareness. Any concern you may have, including depression, pregnancy, anxiety, loneliness, substance abuse, or problems with a relationship, can be discussed with a counselor in a confidential setting.

Campus Calm

Visit Campus Calm where college students to speak out about grades, stress and personal well-being.

Prevention Initiatives

Visit Facts on Tap for information on preventative measures parents and students can take to avoid alcohol and drug abuse during the college years.

Community Conduct

Michigan Tech has a Code of Community Conduct outlining the University's policies regarding student conduct.