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Dow Elevator Update: 9/12/2017

The north elevator of the DOW Environmental Sciences and Engineering building has been repaired and is now operational.  Thank you for your patience.

Paving and construction projects on Cliff Drive this summer: Lot 10 paving, Lot 3 renovations and paving, Cliff Drive paving, Chemical Storage Facility construction. 

Paving and painting of Lot 3 and Lot 10 have been completed.  Lot 27 has been transitioned back to the visitor pay lot. 

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Updates as of September 12, 2017

Cliff Drive Projects
Cliff Drive paving work has been completed.  Pavement markings still need to be done.  These areas are now open for use.
Lot 3 and Lot 10 paving and line painting is complete.  These lots are now open for parking.
Cliff Drive behind the Chem Sci building is still closed to thru traffic and will be for 1 more month.  During excavation and utility work for this project many unknown conditions with pipes, electric lines, etc were discovered.  This has slowed the work considerably. We have addressed these conditions and work should progress more quickly moving forward. We appreciate your patience.
Site and road work related to this facility is now scheduled for completion before the end of October.

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