Facilities keeps the institution’s built environment expanding efficiently and functioning smoothly. This entails overseeing the design and construction of new buildings, and the operation and maintenance of the existing infrastructure, such as providing utilities. Facilities coordinates a campus-wide sustainability program that stresses energy conservation and the lowering of the University’s carbon footprint.


Building Issues

Facilities Management Building Managers are here to help you with any maintenance or custodial issues in your building. Our building zone managers are Dale O'Brien, Dave Lampinen, Pete Pelissero and Mike Tomasi.  Their job is to tackle any problem or issue you face in your building in order to provide a clean, safe and well maintained campus environment for all faculty, staff and students. Click here for a chart listing who is responsible for your building. For information on cost responsibilities, please read the policy for funded and non-funded services.

Upcoming 2016 Power Outages

Facilities Management has developed a five-year rotating plan to service the 12,470-volt switchgear and associated breakers on campus.  Our Campus electrical distribution system depends on this gear being in good working condition.

This work will require a three-night power outage.  They have been scheduled to affect the least number of building possible.  Please note hat in most cases elevators, fume hoods, exhaust fans, ventilation equipment, normal lighting, plug-in appliances, and plug-in equipment will not operate during the outage.  Only items connected to the building emergency generator will have power during the outage; the building emergency generators and battery systems that supply power to the emergency/egress lighting and special equipment should function as normal. If you are unsure if your equipment connects to the building emergency generator, please contact the Facilities Management Building Mechanic for your building.

Information Technology will be turning off all network equipment in the affected buildings for these outages starting at 5:00 pm.  Please plan to save your work and shut down your computer systems and EXIT te buildings before the outages.  Additionally some buildings with power will be without phone or internet services.  These buildings are fed from buildings that will be without power  (Meese Center, Alumni House, O'Connor House, Outdoor Adventures).

May 4 & 5, 2016 Outages

Buildings Affected
* Administration       * SDC          * Chem Sci          * Ice Arena       * Gates Tennis Center       * Portage Health       * Van Pelt Library       * ATDC       * Memorial Union       * Little Huskies       * Football Field

May 6, 2016  Outage

Buildings Affected
* Hillside       * EERC       * GLRC       *DOW       * Central Heating Plant       * McNair       * Daniell Heights       * Rozsa       * DHH       * Walker       * Wads       * ATDC       * Football Field