Housing and Residential Life

Living Guide —Room Changes

Dorm room

Room Changes/Swaps/Conflicts

Room and roommate assignments are carefully made. It is possible, however, that residents may wish to make a change. Action on room changes at the beginning of each semester will be delayed to determine exact vacancies due to dismissals, normal attrition, or new resident accommodations.

Residents wishing to make a room change must see their resident assistant (RA) to discuss issues and proposed changes. Once approved, a room swap card will be given and swap procedures will be outlined.

A roommate agreement is filled out at the beginning of the academic year by all residents. This helps roommates set ground rules for living with each other. If problems do arise during the year, it is suggested that the roommates revisit the agreement. If problems still exist, please contact your RA.

In all cases of room switching and swapping, the first point of contact should be your RA.

Room Consolidation/Reduced Occupancy

From time to time, students living in and paying for a double, triple, or quad room will find themselves without a roommate. If a space becomes open in a resident’s room an email will be sent and the resident can choose to:

  • Keep the reduced occupancy status and be billed for a single or the additional fee for the reduced occupancy.
  • Find a roommate or move in with someone else. If a resident wants a roommate, he/she will be provided with a list of students looking for a roommate. It is his/her responsibility to initiate and implement this process.
  • Stay in his/her room at current occupancy with no extra fees, with the condition that Housing and Residential Life reserves the right to move another resident into the empty space in his/her room at any time throughout the semester without prior notification.

If a space becomes open in a resident’s room during the first and/or last two weeks of each semester (the room freeze period), this space will be held open by Housing and Residential Life in order to place incoming students. If this space is not used for a new student and is in a non-converted state at the end of the room freeze period, the new resident will be notified about a consolidation process.