Housing and Residential Life

Living Guide —Repairs and Damages

Room Repairs/Damages/Charges

During the first week of occupancy, a room inventory and inspection will be completed by all occupants with the resident assistant (RA) to confirm the condition of the room. If any damage occurs, other than normal wear and tear, it will be noted and the confirmation of responsibility for the damages will be determined. All final room inspections and damage charge assessments for checkout will be determined by Housing Facilities. The charge will be shared equally among the occupants of the room if the responsible individual cannot be determined. Nails, tacks, and tape of any kind that can be particularly damaging to finished surfaces should not be used. The use of duct tape is NOT permitted in resident rooms due to the intensive labor required to clean adhesive residue. It will destroy carpets and painted or finished surfaces. Residents will be charged for all necessary clean-up and repair. Painting walls or murals is not permitted, nor is altering the existing color pattern in the room or on the door and door trim. Charges for such damages will be made accordingly. Paint and supplies are not available to residents for end-of-the-year “touch-ups.”

House Repairs/Damages/Charges

At the end of each semester, residents residing in a house that has received damage charges will be billed a percentage of those charges. Residents will be notified of the cost/fee due for the damages and will have the opportunity to pay the damage due amount at the reception desk by a specified date. If residents have not paid the damage due amount by the specified date, a University bill will be generated at a cost not less than $5. If a damage due is less than $1, then that cost will be rolled over to the following semester. At the end of spring semester, if the cost is still less than $1, no damage due amount will be processed.

Repair Requests

To request a repair, please use the Facilities Repair Request Form.