Housing and Residential Life

Living Guide —Keys

When moving into a residence hall, residents will be issued a key that opens their room and mailbox. Residents are required to:

  • Keep exit doors secured
  • Escort their guest(s)/visitor(s) at all times
  • Report any unusual circumstances to the residence hall staff immediately

Residents are strongly advised to lock their room whenever they leave to safeguard themselves and personal belongings as well as all University equipment.

Unauthorized possession and/or misuse of keys will be subject to disciplinary action, termination of the resident’s contract, or both.

If a resident is locked out of his/her room, he/she can check out a temporary key from the reception desk. If the reception desk is not open, the resident should seek the assistance of a resident assistant (RA). The first two weeks of each semester will be considered a grace period for all residents. During this time, no resident will be charged for temporary keys or key-ins done by resident assistants. After the grace period ends, there is a $5 fee each time a temporary key is checked out or an RA has to unlock a resident’s door. This fee applies to all residents regardless of house. However, if the front desk is open, a resident may check out a spare key for $1.

All collected fees will be deposited into the RA’s house fund for house activities.

There is a $55-$110 charge for lost keys. This fee covers the cost of the core change and replacement keys. In the event that the original key is found, a $5 refund will be issued. Report lost keys for your building to your reception desk.

 For a breakdown of the costs click here.