Housing and Residential Life
Three students studying together.

Living Guide —Common Areas

Study Areas

Each residence hall has areas designated for studying. These areas are equipped with tables, chairs, and wireless Internet. A quiet environment should be observed in these locations at all times. Please be considerate when passing through or using these areas.

Recreation Areas

Recreation areas, located away from study areas and student rooms, are provided in each hall. It is imperative that noisy activities be restricted to these areas in order to not disturb the study and rest of other residents. Pool, ping-pong, and group games are restricted to these areas. Various kinds of recreational equipment purchased by the residence hall student councils, such as ping-pong paddles, footballs, and basketballs, are available at the reception desks.


Each of the residence halls has kitchenettes available for resident use. When using the kitchenettes, it is asked that you follow these guidelines:

  • Never leave baking/cooking items unattended
  • Turn off stove/oven immediately after use
  • Mark all items kept in the refrigerator and cabinets with name, room #, and date
  • Do not borrow other residents’ items without permission
  • Do not leave dishes soaking overnight
  • Wipe tables/counters/microwave/stove/oven after each use
  • Always run water when using the garbage disposal
  • Immediately vacuum/mop the floor if something is spilled
  • Do not cut directly on counters or tables; always use a cutting board
  • Do not place hot items on the counters or tables
  • Clean up after yourself and put away all items after usage