Housing and Residential Life

Living Guide —Alcohol Policy

Students playing basketball in their dorm room

In designated areas of the residence halls, an alcohol-free living area is provided where the use or possession of alcohol by anyone, regardless of age, is strictly prohibited. Room assignments in this area are given to residents who do not use alcohol in their room at any time. The use and/or possession of alcohol and/or alcohol-related items are not permitted by the residents or their guests. Residents of houses not classified as alcohol-free have the option to apply for an alcohol permit. With this permit, the residents of a particular room who are of legal drinking age are allowed to have and consume alcoholic beverages in their own room as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Residents must keep their door shut while consuming alcohol.
  • The alcohol permit must be posted clearly inside the room and must be visible when looking in from the hallway.
  • Each resident of legal drinking age must apply for an alcohol permit if he/she wishes to consume alcohol in his/her room.
  • Alcoholic beverage containers may not have the capacity of more than one gallon.

Residents can apply for alcohol permits at Housing and Residential Life located in 153W Wadsworth Hall.Occupants must at all times follow Board of Trustees Policy 12.4; Alcoholic Beverages.