Housing and Residential Life

Living Guide

The residence halls are more than a place to put all your stuff.  They are a place to build relationships, discover your real potential, and develop your world view.

The nature and quality of your living environment play an important part in your Michigan Tech experience.  In planning, staffing, and operating our residence halls, we seek to meet your needs in every way possible and, with residential student organizations such as the Inter-Residence Hall Council, offer additional amenities and programs that make the residence halls a great place to live.

Your life here depends upon your ability to join others in a cooperative community, live by a few guidelines, and treat others with respect and consideration.  By reading this Living Guide, you can learn ways to make your time here both enjoyable and safe for you and your peers.  If something is unclear or unknown, do not hesitate to ask your resident assistant (RA).

We are committed to helping you embrace the difference you encounter in the residence halls and hope to ensure you can Create the Future.