Field Trips

Keweenaw Geoheritage

This website is aimed at communicating the strong Geoheritage of the western UP, including the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale.Keweenaw Geoheritage

Geological Field Trip - Eastern Isle Royale, Michigan: Large Lava Flows

Join a field trip to Isle Royale National Park, May 25-31, 2013; Middle Proterozoic Continental Theoleiitic Flood Basalts of the 1.1 Ba Keweenaw Rift (Rodinia); Trip Leaders: Bill Rose and Justin Olson. Click for more information, Background, a Video Lecture, Logistics, Cost and Trip Schedule, Reservations and Course Credit. 2013 Isle Royale Field Trip

Volcanic Geology of Northern New Mexico

Join a 10 day field trip to see the active Rio Grande Rift, the Valles Caldera and associated geologic features of Northern New Mexico. The trip will be led by Bill Rose, who knows the area well and can explain the physical volcanology. The trip will take place from about 10 to 20 May 2011.

East Africa Field Camp

 2012 Dates

South Africa Camp: May 4 - May 31

South Africa/Kenya Camp: May 14 - June 10

Geology of Utah’s National Parks - GE 5130 June 14–July 1, 2011

Fourteen days of field-based activities in and around the national parks and monuments of eastern Utah – areas internationally recognized for their outstanding geology. Teachers learn to use maps, compasses, GPS, rock and mineral identification, geomorphology, subsurface geology, fossils, and basic engineering principles; learn how climate, sea level, and mountain building change the earth’s landscape, and how to recognize the record of change in rocks.

Requirement of:
Master's in Applied Science Education, Earth System Science Track

View 2006 Course pictures / Course Information

GE3100 Field Trip Photos 2009

Trips from GE3100 Fall 2009. Gratiot River Park, W.C. Veale Park, Breakers, Tobacco River Park, Maasto Hiito Trails and Tobacco River Park. to Horseshoe Harbor to see the stromatolites and Copper Harbor Conglomerate, Nonesuch shale along the beach at Gratiot River Park, Weekend camping trip to Pictured Rocks, by Munising. Jacobsville Sandstone found at Tobacco River Park, outside of Gay, Mi and more

Kenya 2009 Field Course

Student photos slide show from the East Africa Field Camp

Summer 2009 Field Course

Kenya 2008 Field Course

Student photos slide show from the East Africa Field Camp

Sedimentology GE3100 2008

Michigan Tech Keweenaw Geology Field Trip September 2008

Field Geophysics Course Summer 2008 Photo Selections

Michigan Tech Volcanic Students in Guatemala 2007

Michigan Tech Sedimentology GE 3100 Photos 2007

Michigan Tech Alaska Bering Glacier Field Trip

Michigan Tech Research Institute Projects in Alaska

Sustainable Water Resources Field Trip to Mexico

May 2006

AQUA3 Field Courses
North American Alliance
for Sustainable Water Resources

Geology Club Field Trip

Aqua Terra Tech in Nicaragua

December 2005 Field Investigation: The Aqua Terra Tech Enterprise new project is aimed at creating water security in the small Nicaraguan town of Boaco.

Sustainable Water Resources Field Trip to Mexico

May 2005

AQUA3 Field Courses
North American Alliance
for Sustainable Water Resources

Petroleum Geology Field Trip October 2005

Volcanic Research Field Trip to Guatemala

Dr. Gregg Bluth, Jeremy Shannon, Lizzette Rodriguez, and John Lyons traveled to Guatemala primarily to look at gas (SO2) emissions from Volcan Santiaguito, Volcan Fuego, and Volcan Pacaya but they did other research also.

Sonora Mexico Field Course

AQUA3 Field Courses
North American Alliance for Sustainable Water Resources
U.S. Institutions Funded by the US Dept. of Education
Program for North American Mobility in Higher Education
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)

Labrador & Newfoundland Field Trip

To the Mantle and back!

Geologic and Cultural Field Excursion to Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada July-August 2004

Florida Coral Reef and Carbonates Field Trip

Joint Michigan Technological University and Western Michigan University: Recent Coral Reef Snorkeling and Carbonate Geology Field Trip to the Florida Keys, March 2004. Lead by Drs. Bill Harrison and Mike Grammer, WMU, Photos by Buddy Wylie.

Summer 2004 Geophysics Field Course Photos

Field Studies of Active Guatemalan Volcanoes

Student at left is using a Correlation Spectrometer to measure sulfur dioxide gas fluxes emitted from Santiaguito volcano, Guatemala.

Michigan Tech Geology Club Field Trip

A trip to Bancroft, Ontario Canada for rock collecting and mineralogy

Field Trip: Geological Engineering

Photos from the Logging and Reservoir Engineering Classes Field Trip to Traverse City

Heavy Oil Prospecting in Montana

A heavy oil deposit with estimated recoverable reserves in excess of one billion barrels of oil is believed to exist in the Jurassic Swift sandstone in north central Montana, these are photos of a field trip to visit the operation.

Earth Science Teachers Institute

The Teachers Earth Science Institute utilizes mineral science and mineral processing to enhance the teaching of science in middle and high schools. Teachers will be involved in hands-on, discovery-based activities that integrate concepts in math, physics and chemistry with elements of social science.

Side Scan Sonar

Side scan sonar is used to produce images of underwater geology and sunken objects. Common targets are shipwrecks, snowmobiles that have fallen through the ice, and drowning victims.

Student Field Trip to the Caledonia Mine

ISEE Student Group has a 'blast' underground.