1.5 Faculty Status Definition

The faculty is comprised of two groups: "tenured and tenure-track faculty" and "non-tenure-track faculty". The "tenured and tenure-track faculty" is composed of those individuals holding the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor, and professor. The "non-tenure-track faculty" is composed of those individuals holding the ranks of instructor, lecturer, senior lecturer, principal lecturer, professor of practice, visiting (assistant/associate/professor), adjunct (assistant, associate/professor), research faculty (assistant/associate/professor), ROTC faculty appointments and emeritus faculty.

"Learned professions" shall mean those professions (or members thereof) skilled in a calling or vocation requiring advanced knowledge as evidenced by a specific degree from a recognized College or University.

"Engaged in teaching" shall be interpreted to mean that the person is to teach during each academic semester of the normal academic year.

"Appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School" shall imply appointment to the Graduate Faculty as defined by the Graduate Council. Such appointment is limited to those with advanced degrees or equivalent experience, as well as interest and experience in research or teaching on the graduate level.

"Equivalent experience" shall be determined by the President of the University.

The Faculty of the University

The President shall hire the faculty of the University which shall consist of the Undergraduate and Graduate Faculties.

Each faculty member shall qualify for one or more of the following defined faculties.

  1. The Undergraduate Faculty consists of the members of the learned professions who are engaged in teaching for a degree in one of the learned professions and/or direct supervision thereof.
  2. The Graduate Faculty consists of members of the faculty who have been appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School to be members of the Graduate Faculty.

Administrative officials of the University and members of staff, may be accorded membership of the faculties and such membership shall be within a specific department or school of the University. (Board of Trustees Bylaws and Policies 6.1)

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