Washing windows


Types of Services

The custodial staff is responsible for providing custodial services in all the buildings on the main campus and off-campus sites, such as the Keweenaw Research Center.

Our custodians are responsible for the following services:

  • Restroom cleaning on a daily basis.
  • Classrooms and general laboratories—sweep, clean boards, empty trash on a daily basis.
  • Offices—sweep or vacuum every other day, empty trash daily.
  • Stairways—cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Waxing and carpet extraction (deep cleaning)—minimally once per year, heavy traffic areas during breaks.
  • High-rises—subbasement and basement areas cleaned regularly
  • Washing of lights, blinds, windows—as needed, with once-per-year scheduled comprehensive cleaning (usually in the summer).
  • Snow/ice removal at entrance/hallway is performed as needed.

For more information, contact Custodial Services at 906-487-2740.