Service Groups

Types of Services

Facilities maintenance staff are working behind the scenes, 24-hours a day, to provide services to Michigan Tech's campus. Facilities maintenance covers the following areas:

  • Building Mechanics—First-line maintenance and operational support
  • Custodial—Normal (running) maintenance and custodial services
  • Trades—Major carpentry, electrical, mechanical or plumbing repairs, new installations, or refurbishment

For more information, contact Facilities Management at 906-487-2740.

Cost of Services

Questions frequently arise on campus regarding the responsibility for the maintenance and repair of buildings and equipment. To assist the campus community in understanding who pays for these services, please read the policy for funded and non-funded services.

Work Order Status

When you request work order through Maintenance Direct, your request is validated with a work order number. Please log into the system if you would like to see the status of your work request.