Snow Routes

Snow Routes

Route Descriptions and Equipment

Three sets of grounds staff work in tandem to grade, plow, clear snow, and sand the Michigan Tech campus. While they work, staff operating two all-terrain 4x4 utility vehicles with plows and a pickup truck with a sander clean up the campus mall and all sidewalks. In addition, a 4x4 highway truck sander is used to scrape and sand University roads and parking gate approaches.

Grader 1 and Loader 3

Grader 1 and Loader 3 work together as follows.

Grader 1 Route

1996 Champion 720 IV Articulate Tandem Drive with 13-foot snow wing

  1. Phoenix Drive and Lots 31 and 34
  2. Lot 22 and Service Drive around the Student Development Complex
  3. Cliff Drive and Lots 1, 2, and 3
  4. Lots 8, 14, and 9
  5. Daniell Heights—roads, parking areas, visitor lots, and day care pickup area
  6. Cemetery Road
  7. Student Development Complex Lots 23 and 24, and sidewalks
  8. University owned cross country ski trail access road

Loader 3 Route

1994 Case 621B Front End Loader,
SAE bucket cap. = 2.5 C.Y., snow bucket cap. = 6 C.Y.

  1. Lots 31 and 34
  2. Lot 7 to clear loading dock
  3. Lot 1 to clean out corners and dock areas
  4. Lot 3, the docks at Chemical Sciences, Dow, and Dillman
  5. Lots 8, 9, and 14
  6. Hockey Education Center
  7. Student Development Complex parking lots and sidewalks

Loaders 1 and 2

Loaders #1 and #2 work together as follows:

Loader 1 Route

2005 John Deer 624 Front End Loader
Rylind snow blade, 13’ wide, Snow Bucket Cap. = 6 C.Y.

    1. Begins by plowing around Heating Plant and proceeds to plow College Avenue, Hubbell Street, Houghton Avenue, clearing snow away from parking meters, and the circle drive at the Library Building.
    2. Proceeds to Lots #11, 12, 13, and 27.
    3. Proceeds to the Forestry Building driveway and adjacent parking lots.
    4. Proceeds to Lots #26 and 32.

Loader 2 Route

1994 Case 621B Front End Loader
SAE Bucket Cap. = 2.5 C.Y., Snow Bucket Cap. = 6 C.Y.

    1. Starts east along Houghton Avenue to the Memorial Union Building Staff parking lot and service entrance.
    2. Proceeds to Lots #13 loading dock.
    3. Proceeds to Meese Center.
    4. Proceeds to Public Safety parking lots.
    5. Proceeds to Lot #18 and surrounding sidewalks.
    6. Proceeds to Lot #26 and walkways.
    7. Proceeds to Student Development Complex to assist in cleaning the parking lots and sidewalks.

Loader 4

Loader 4 Route

1992 John Deere 444E Front End Loader
SAE Bucket Cap. = 1.75 C.Y.

  1. Begins at loading docks on south side of Wadworth Hall and McNair Hall.
  2. Proceeds to Lots #15 east and 15 west.
  3. Proceeds to Lot #16.
  4. Proceeds to sidewalks around both Wadsworth Hall and McNair Hall.
  5. Proceeds to staff parking lots on south side of Wadsworth Hall.
  6. Proceeds to Service Drive, sidewalks and parking lots at Daniell Heights.
  7. Proceeds to Lots #4 and 17 to clear as much as possible.

Truck Sander

Sanders Route

2007 International 4x4 truck with highway sander and under-blade.

  1. Begins sanding, as soon as the snow removal is completed, in the various parking lots and roads on campus, generally working from west to east.
  2. Proceeds to the Resident Halls, Daniell Heights, Forestry Building, and Student Development Complex.
  3. Proceeds to Mount Ripely Ski Hill, and Portage Lake Golf Course.
  4. Proceeds to main campus to check for areas requiring additional sanding.
  5. Provides sanding and scraping throughout day.