Wind Garden

Ornamental Grasses

Survivors of Sodbuster Legend
Established: 2010
Location: south corner of Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building

A lone crab apple exemplifies the struggle to survive in the round garden in front of Chem Sci (compare it to the crab planted at the same time against the ME-EM). This garden is located in an extreme wind tunnel created by towering buildings, funneling air from Lake Superior. This garden grows on the lid of a steam tunnel about eight feet underground (notice the metal vent stack in the middle). This site has vanquished many a planting. However, out on the great plains of the world grow the deeply rooted grasses of sodbuster legend. Tech’s Wind Garden thrives on this site. These multi-national grasses wave their seed pennants from heights of two to six feet high, visible even above our deepest snowdrifts.

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