Student Memorial Garden

Language of Flowers

Plants with meanings
Established: 2010
Location: south side of the Rozsa Center

This is a memorial garden for students and faculty who died while attending Michigan Tech. The soil was basically sand. Amendments started with dump-truck loads of leaves and manure, four feet deep, in the fall of 2009. In the spring, this soil was ready for planting. Each plant has a meaning in the “language of flowers.” This use of plants to communicate specific human emotions has been a part of human history. In 1884, Kate Greenaway’s Language of Flowers was a popular book on the symbolism of flowers in Victorian England. This book is the basis for this garden. Plant specimens are labeled with the floral meaning, common name, and scientific name. Two white firs, already in place, symbolize “Time,” while the imperial honey locust, newly planted in the center, symbolizes “affection beyond the grave.”

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