Rozsa Center

Perennial Cottage Garden

Strong, Vertical Presence
Established: 2009
Location: east of the Rozsa Center

When the Rozsa was built, a perennial garden was planted along the east front. This garden had enough plant material to expand into a stunning presence, widened by thirty feet, down to the sidewalk. The garden is now in proportion to the two-story façade and the expansive parking lot in front. Enlarging the garden allowed the introduction of strong, vertical elements like the white firs and small deciduous trees. These helped to knit the vertical face of the building into the expanse of garden, and they also gave the viewers from the inside something to obscure the parking lot. The ground was a mix of sand, topsoil, and sawdust. After planting, a 19-19-19 fertilizer was added between the plants. Resident hawthorn and apple trees had their limbs shaped. Multi-stemmed bushes and large perennials were split and arranged to draw the eye through the garden. Clumps of mixed perennials were dug up, separated, replanted, and relocated across campus. Very aggressive clumps (shasta daisy and yarrow) were split and largely removed. The garden features a grass walkway through the middle (an outdoor window-cleaning aisle is at the back), and overhead sprinklers are used to keep the green areas and the flowers watered.

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