Projects Out for Bids

Facilities Management at Michigan Tech has the following projects out for bids. For more information, contact Engineering Services at 906-487-2303. 

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Projects Out for Bid

Bid DateProject NumberProjectInformation



Lower Daniell Heights Maintenance Project

Mandatory Walk through 7/23/15 10:00 AM

Plans        Specifications     Addendum1

Addendum2   Addendum3      Addendum4



 Grounds/ IT Storage Building

 Specifications    Plans    Addendum1  Addendum2



 Lower Daniell Heights Asbestos Removal

Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk-Through 8/18/15 at 2 pm




 Lakeside Lab Demolition

 Specifications     Plans



Daniell Heights IT Fiber Project 

Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk-Through 9/24/15 2 pm

at the Lower Daniell Heights Bus stop Shelter near building #1809

Specifications     Plans 




No. 2 Fuel Oil Tanks Secondary Containment Area

Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk-Through 9/25/15 located in the Facilities Management area on the waterfront of Michigan Tech 


Addendum1Specs          Addendum1Drawings     




 Materials & Mineral Engineering Building Reroofing

Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk-Through on 10/6/15 at 2 pm at the Minerals and Materials building 1st floor entrance (at Portage Lake Level)

 Specifications           Plans

Bid Results

Bid DateProject NumberProjectBid Results
8/11/2015 32-15-02 Lower Daniell Heights Maintenance Project Bid Results
8/20/2015 112-15-01  Grounds/IT Storage Building  Bid Results 
8/25/2015 32-15-03 Asbestos Removal for Lower Daniell Heights Bid Results
9/10/2015 43-15-01 Lakeside Lab Demolition Bid Results