Projects Out for Bids

Facilities Management at Michigan Tech has the following projects out for bids. For more information, contact James Heikkinen, Director of Engineering Services at 906-487-2305. 

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Bid DateProject NumberProjectInformation
03/04/2014CB00577Lakeshore Center EIFS FlashingBid Documents
03/06/14 CB00578

ATDC - DPT Renovation

Walk-thru on 2/26/14 at 1:30 pm at ATDC


Specifications   Addendum 1

4/10/14CB00579John Edgar McAllister Welcome Center

 Specifications     Structural  

 Architectural - Civil

 Mechanical          Electrical       

Addendum 1    Addendum 2

Recent Projects Bid

Bid DateProject NumberProjectBid Results
10/1/2013 CB00572 KRC Bldg 78 Addition CB00572Results
 10/16/13 CB00573 KRC Bldg 69 Addition CB00573Results
  3/4/14 CB00577 Lakeshore Center EIFS Flashing CB00577Results
  3/6/14 CB00578 ATDC - DPT Renovation CB00578Results
  4/10/14 CB00579 John Edgar McAllister Welcome Center CB00579Results