Sustainability Working Groups

Sustainable energy practices are a priority for Facilities Management and its energy advisory group. Knowing it's an effort that requires collaboration, awareness, and continued activity by people with the same goals, Facilities Management has networked with groups on campus also interesting in encouraging sustainable practices at the University.

For more information, contact the coordinator of sustainability at 906-487-2706.

Sustainable OrganizationsContactAdvisor
Advanced Power Systems Research Center (APSRC)Dr. Jeff Naber 
Advanced Sustainable Iron and Steel Making Center (ASISC)Dr. Komar Kawatra 
Alternative Fuels Group Enterprise (AFG)Britta Guse, Student President Dr. Wenzhen Li
Jay Meldrum
Aqua Terra Tech Enterprise (ATT)Anthony Geglio 
Biotech Research Center (BRC)Dr. Mike Gretz 
BirdbumsAuriel Van Der Laar, Student PresidentDr. David Flaspohler
Dr. Dana Richter
Carbon Neutral Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)Dr. Margaret Gale 
Center for Science and Environmental Outreach (CSEO)Joan Chadde 
D80 CenterDr. Kurt Paterson 
EcoCar EnterpriseDr. Josh Loukus
Dr. Adam Loukus
Ecosystem Science Center (ESC)Dr. Andrew Burton 
Efficiency Through Engineering and Construction Enterprise (ETEC)Lynn ArtmanLynn Artman
Energy Advisory Group (EAG)Dave Taivalkoski 
Engineers Without Borders (EWB)Stephanie Tulk, Student PresidentDr. Kurt Paterson
Dr. David Watkins
Global CityAparajita Banarjee, Student President

Dr. Audrey Mayer

Dr. Robert Handler

Green Campus Enterprise (GCE)Zach ZiemkiDr. Chris Wojick
Houghton Biking Task ForceMike Abbott 
Institute of Materials Processing (IMP)Dr. Jim Hwang 
Lake Superior Ecosystem Research Center (LaSER)Dr. Charles Kerfoot 
Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative (LSSI)Joan Chadde 
Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)Dr. Robert Shuchman
Dr. Nikola Subotic
Dr. Colin Brooks
Michigan Tech Transportation Institute (MTTI)Dr. Larry Sutter 
Pavlis Institute - Cohort ThreeJessica Banda, Cohort RepresentativeDr. Robert Warrington, Director
Pavlis Institute - Cohort FourGenny Gierke, Cohort RepresentativeDr. Robert Warrington, Director
Pavlis Institute - Cohort FiveChelsea Uganski, Cohort RepresentativeDr. Robert Warrington, Director
Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor SocietySarah Mets, Student PresidentDr Thomas Werner
Power & Energy Research Center (PERC)Dr. Bruce Mork 
SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Dylan Truskolaski

Greg Smiarowski

Student Co-Presidents

Dr. Jason Blough
Society for Environmental Engineering (SEEn)Katie Valenzuela, Student PresidentDr. Noel Urban
Society of American Foresters/Forestry Club
Student president position left open in memory of Russell Gross
Keri Deneau, Student PresidentDr. Linda Nagel
Society of Wetland ScientistsPaul Gerhart , Student PresidentDr. Rodney Chimner
Students for Environmental Sustainability (SfES)Mollie Ruth, Student PresidentDr. Noel Urban
Supermileage Systems Enterprise (SSE)Justin Engwis, Student CEODr. Rick Berkey
Sustainable Futures Institute (SFI)Dr. David Shonnard, Director 
Western UP Center for Science, Math & Environmental EducationJoan Chadde 
WHSA Green TeamNate Zgnilec, Student Team LeaderMel Norwood
Wildlife SocietyKevin King, Student PresidentDr. David Flaspohler
Wireless Communications Enterprise (WCE)Emily Raffa, Student PresidentChris Cischke
Wood to Wheels (Part of SFI)Dr. David Shonnard, Director