Michigan Tech Annual Carbon Footprint Inventory

Abbreviated Summary, Contact Green Campus Enterprise for Additional Details

 Metric Tonnes equivalent of CO2
SourceFY 08FY 09FY 10
Fuel for Campus Buildings19,45719,50718,185
Direct Transportation553998990
Refrigerants and Chemicals4632,3162,350
Purchased Electricity24,67724,65022,85
Elec Transmission Losses2,4412,4382,260
Faculty/Staff Commuting2,4292,1952,252
Student Commuting1,8731,9442,429
Air Travel8,8026,9777,707
Car Rentals, Other Travel426585380
Solid Waste1,1531,0931,020
Net Emissions62,29762,72660,44
Offsets from Tech Forests(6,892)(6,892)(6,892)

Note: Data on offsets from Michigan Tech forests was obtained by the GCE from the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. This data does not reflect the actual productivity of University forest land and is provided for illustrative purposes only.

Source: Michigan Tech Green Campus Enterprise