Student Health Services

We know you need to be healthy and happy to get the most out of your college experience. If you should find yourself under the weather or in need of any other help, there are a number of resources available to you!


Michigan Tech highly recommends that students have the following vaccinations before arriving to campus:

  • Meningococcus vaccination
  • Tetanus/ Diphtheria (both primary series and booster within the last ten years)
  • Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) or Measles vaccine (two doses)
  • Varicella vaccine (two doses if you have not had the chickenpox)
  • Hepatitis A vaccine
  • Hepatitis B vaccine

In addition, it is recommended that students receive flu shots each October/November. Flu shot clinics will be available on campus or at the UP Health System - Portage University Center. For more information on immunizations, see the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Michigan Tech Student Health Insurance

If you are an international student, athlete, or graduate student, you are required to have and maintain health insurance coverage throughout your stay at Michigan Tech.  For more information on Student Health Insurance please visit the Human Resources Office  website for details.

  • If you are not otherwise insured, and do not fit the criteria above, Information on purchasing health insurance will also be provided when you report to campus.
  • If you already have insurance that will cover you while at Michigan Tech, you must bring proof of coverage with you and a copy of the insurance policy.
  • Fees for required student health insurance must be paid after student pays tuition (payments can be made through your student banweb account).

Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center-University Center

Students have immediate access to health care services at Upper Great Lakes Houghton Family Health Center located in the UP Health System-Portage University Center.  The Health Center is attached to the Student Development Complex on campus and can be reached by calling 906-483-1860

  • The clinic has Michigan Tech student walk-in hours every weekday (Monday-Friday) from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm.
  • The clinic has a full-service clinic staffed with five family medicine providers and offers lab and x-ray services on-site.
  • Sport Injury Walk-in Hours are every Monday from 4:00-5:30 p.m.
  • Online Scheduling is available for established patients.
  • A sliding fee scale (discounted rate) is available for qualified individuals who are uninsured or underinsured.

UP Health System - Portage

An option for immediate care is the UP Health System - Portage Express Care on Sharon Avenue directly across from Taco Bell. For $49, many common ailments can be treated Sunday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. –  8:00 p.m., 365 days a year.  Call 906-483-1777 for more information.

Emergency care is provided at the UP Health System - Portage Trauma Center in Hancock. No appointments are needed for emergency services. The contact number for the Trauma Center is 986-483-1000. An online directory of regional physicians and hospitals may be found at the Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center or at UP Health System - Portage.

Aspirus Keweenaw-Houghton Clinic

Also available to students are the services from Aspirus Keweenaw. The Aspirus Houghton Clinic is located at 100 Cedar St. (behind Wal-Mart) and can be reached by calling 906-487-1710

  • Walk-in Care is available from 7am- 7pm Monday to Thursday, 8am - 5pm Friday, and 9am- 1pm Saturday.
  • All specialty services that are at the hospital in calumet are accessible via the Houghton Clinic.
  • The clinic is located behind Walmart in Houghton at 1000 Cedar St. and the phone number for the clinic is 906-487-1710.

Aspirus Keweenaw-Calumet Hospital

Aspirus Keweenaw also offers full range emergency care 24/7 at the Level III Trauma Center at Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital located at 205 Osceola St in Laurium.  The Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital can be reached by calling 906-337-6560

  • No appointments are needed for emergency services.
  • An online directory of physicians and hospitals/clinics may be found on the Aspirus Keweenaw website.

On-Campus Counseling Services

Counseling Services at Michigan Tech is here to help you gain perspective and be successful both personally and academically. Professional staff at Counseling Services is composed of licensed therapists who possess both academic and personal counseling training and skills. Services are free and confidential and are provided by licensed professional staff. The staff can assist students with personal issues that may interfere with school and life in general. Counselors can give advice for tough decisions, help manage stress, assist to improve communication skills, and foster self-awareness. Any concerns, including depression, pregnancy, anxiety, loneliness, substance abuse, or problems with a relationship, can be discussed with a counselor in a confidential setting.

For information or an appointment, call 906-487-2538 or email Twenty-four-hour emergency services are available — call Public Safety and Police Services at 906-487-2216 and ask for the counselor on call.

Student Health and Wellness

Michigan Tech Wellness is a student initiative that provides programming and workshops about a variety of wellness issues: nutrition and healthy eating, physical activity, alcohol and drug education, sexual health, and more. Learn more about student wellness programs, and find out how you can get involved.

Public Safety

Public Safety is our on-campus certified police agency. It is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For on-campus emergencies dial 123 or 8-911. For off-campus emergencies dial 911 (US International Emergency Dial Code for police, fire, ambulance).

Disability Services

Michigan Tech is committed to assisting students with documented physical and learning disabilities. Services and accommodations may include extended time for exams, select adaptive technology, priority scheduling, special housing and parking arrangements, or other reasonable assistance. For disability and accommodation concerns, please email Christy Oslund ( or call 906-487-1494.

Student Health 101 E-Magazine

Michigan Tech partners with Student Health 101 to provide you with the latest information on how to live a healthy lifestyle while adapting to life at Michigan Tech, Visit the latest Student Health 101.