Newly formed in 2009, the Michigan Tech iDesign program builds off the heritage of the International Senior Design (ISD) class that ran from 2000-2008. This program provides a venue to do inspired, international, intergrative community design working with partners in economically disadvantaged locations around the world. Over the course of the ISD and iDesign programs, more than students in many disciplines have created sustainable solutions to difficult challenges. More than 50% of its participants are women. The new iDesign program engages students with rural communities in Panama, whereas the ISD initiated and constructed projects in Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.


2008 (2000)

Web site [since 2009] [ISD program repository]


  1. Provide a meaningful learning experience that combines sustainable community-based design principles, with field engineering needs analysis, measurements, and community-inspired conceptual design in a partnering community site, capped with a full-scale design analysis back on campus and communication to partners
  2. Consider community needs and indigenenous design wisdom, technical feasibility, economic viability, desirability, health and safety, societal impact, application of appropriate technology, constructability, sustainability, safety, reliability, aesthetics, ethics,environmental resources. Also reflect upon your cultural biases, adaptability, creativity..


Seniors, all majors

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