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Environmental Engineering—BS

The Earth’s Engineer

Turn your passion for the environment into a rewarding career, and play a critical role in making the world a better place. The environmental engineering program at Michigan Tech will teach you how to be a steward for our planet. You will develop the technical and problem-solving skills necessary for identifying and addressing environmental issues at the local, national, and global levels.

Environmental engineers apply their knowledge of chemistry, biology, math, and physics to protect the environment and human health. These professionals are tasked with developing sustainable solutions for an expanding global community.

Consider this: more than one billion people lack access to safe drinking water; more than two billion are without adequate sanitation; and air pollution costs the United States as much as $40 billion annually in health care and lost economic productivity. As an environmental engineer, you could treat and properly dispose of wastes, provide access to safe drinking water, maintain or improve air quality, clean up contaminated land or water resources, or help industry minimize pollution.

Explore a career pathway that suits your interests when you choose a concentration:

  • Air quality
  • Groundwater quality
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Surface water quality
  • Water and wastewater processing

Educational Objectives and Programs Outcomes for the B.S. in Environmental Engineering

Unparalleled Undergraduate Opportunities

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow students to experiment with civil engineering materials and advanced technology. The department maintains a pilot-scale environmental simulation lab, as well as labs dedicated to the study of asphalt and ultra-high-performance concrete.

Hands-On Experience, Locally and Globally

Get ready to contribute on the job from day one. Our students benefit from hands-on experiences ranging from Senior Capstone to internships and co-ops. Our department has one of the highest co-op rates on campus, due to the great demand for our students. Many civil and environmental engineering majors land summer internships.

Study Abroad and Create Change

Opportunities for intercultural exchange abound at Michigan Tech. The Study Abroad Program sends students to countries around the world for stints ranging from two weeks to one year. The D80 Center allows students to apply their engineering studies to the problems facing economically disadvantaged communities. D80’s service-learning programs include Engineers Without Borders and International Senior Design, which are vehicles for sustainable development, appropriate technology, beneficial infrastructure, and social change abroad.

Personal Faculty Attention

Our staff and nationally recognized faculty focus on giving students the personal attention and support necessary for not only academic success, but also a positive undergraduate experience overall.

Innovation in Rail Transportation

The innovative Rail Transportation Program is one of the first in the nation. Its mission: to advance rail education and research across disciplines. Its unique opportunity: a five-week railroad course, including three weeks in Finland.

What career pathways are a good fit for our graduates?

Students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering are prepared to transition directly to entry-level jobs in industry. You could also become a high school teacher of science and math; go on to law school; or head directly to graduate school. Students interested in a career in academia should explore graduate education options. 

Jobs held by our graduates include:

  • Environmental and safety engineer
  • Water resources engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Field coordinator
  • Project engineer

Where have our environmental engineering graduates found employment?

Employers of our graduates include:

  • Alcoa
  • Bechtel Corporation
  • Cliffs Natural Resources
  • CSX Transportation
  • Golder Associates
  • Kiewit
  • KL Engineering
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • US Army Corps of Engineers