Staff Directory

Zeyad T. Ahmed

Research Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Senior Environmental Engineer, Saudi Aramco

Cell: 906-231-5081

Teaching Interests

  • Environmental Processes Engineering (graduate class)
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Design Project
  • Environmental Processes and Simulation
  • Chemical processes, water chemistry
  • Lake Superior Ecology

Research Interests

  • Advanced water treatment and removal of VOCs from water.
  • Advanced wastewater treatment systems, and oil/water separation.
  • Environmental processes with focus on adsorption behavior and characterization.
  • Chemical/Physical processes simulation and modeling.
  • Sustainable and renewable energy systems and sustainable materials for infrastructure.
  • Energy and materials recovery from waste and wastewater.
  • Cross- disciplinary research between environmental, civil and material engineering.
  • MS Studies: The effect of inorganic shocks (NaCl) on the efficiency of aerobic biological treatment.
  • MS Studies: Development of photocatalysts for the production on hydrogen from sunlight and water.
  • PhD Studies: Quantification of the adsorption capacity of air entraining additives on fly ash to develop new standards and test procedures that can be used to assess the usability of fly ash in concrete.
Amanda Cadwell

Amanda Cadwell

Administrative Aide

Dillman 201A

Joan Chadde-Schumaker

Director, Center for Science & Environmental Outreach

Instructor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Areas of Expertise

  • Great Lakes education and stewardship
  • Watershed management ; stream monitoring
  • Environmental education
  • Elementary engineering and STEM education
  • K-12 science education
  • K-12 teacher professional development
  • Communicating Science to a lay audience

Lisa Cunard

Staff Assistant

Dillman 201L

Henrique (Kiko) de Melo e Silva

Research Associate

Dillman 106A
Rob Fritz

Rob Fritz

Technical Lab Coordinator

Dow 107
Angela Keranen

Angela Keranen

Administrative Aide

Graduate Program Assistant

Dow 868

David L. Perram

Research Engr./Scientist II, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Adjunct Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Laboratory Director

Dow 812
Julie Ross

Julie Ross

Academic Advisor

Dillman 103
Shelle Sandell

Shelle Sandell

Tech. Commun./Budget Coord.

Dow 866
Lloyd Wescoat

Lloyd Wescoat

Education Program Assistant & Service Learning

(906) 487-3341
116 Great Lakes Research Center
Christopher Wojick

Christopher Wojick

Senior Research Engineer, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty Advisor, Green Campus Enterprise

Dow 814