Martin T. Auer

Martin T. Auer


  • Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • PhD, Water Resources Science, University of Michigan
  • MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan
  • BS, Forest Zoology, Syracuse University


Dr. Auer teaches in the area of environmental engineering, specializing in surface water quality engineering. He works with students at all levels: coordinating freshman orientation, teaching introductory and advanced undergraduate courses, and offering graduate instruction in surface water quality modeling. Dr. Auer's research involves field and laboratory studies and mathematical modeling of water quality in lakes and rivers. Since joining MTU in 1981, he has overseen nineteen masters theses and three doctoral dissertations. Dr. Auer has served as project director or co-principal investigator for more than $2.5 million in externally funded research, has published more than 55 papers in the peer-reviewed literature and has authored or co-authored more than 100 presentations at professional meetings. Dr. Auer's work has appeared in Environmental Science and Technology, the Journal of Environmental Engineering, the Journal of Great Lakes Research, the Journal of Lake and Reservoir Management, and Water Research. Dr. Auer is also one of seven MTU faculty and graduates who collaborated in co-authoring the textbook, Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering.

Links of Interest

Teaching Interests

  • Surface water quality engineering

Research Interests

  • Limnology
  • Engineering approaches to lake and river management
  • Mathematical modeling of surface water quality


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