Environmental Engineering ENVE 5992 Seminars, Spring 2016

Unless otherwise noted, 3:05 pm - 3:55 pm, Mondays, Dillman Hall Room 214.

DatePresenter and AffiliationTitle Place


Dr. Veronica Webster, Associate Professor Michigan Tech Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Long Term Flood Risk Projections for a Changing Environment

214 Dillman


Bharathi Bhattu, Environmental Engineering Graduate Student

Oil Spills and a Classification Based on Vulnerability Index

214 Dillman


Kaye LaFond

Communicating Science and Data: Thoughts of a (Somewhat) Reformed Engineer

214 Dillman


Renn Lambert, LimnoTech

Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Models to support USEPA's response to the 2010 Kalamazoo River Oil Spill

214 Dillman


Venkata Krishna Sairam Nujalla

Power Plants Environmental Impact

214 Dillman


Dr. Nancy Auer, Biological Sciences

The future for sturgeon: Dams and Fish Passage

642 Dow


Mashad Saleh

Shawn Conard

A Case Study of An Environmental Crisis: Drinking Water Contamination in Flint, MI

Modeling Bioenhanced DNAPL Dissolution: Inhibition Kinetic Effects

214 Dillman


Becca Green

Ninad Mohale

High-Tech Analysis of Low-Tech Methods for Sustainable Class A Biosolids Production

Plastic Pyrolisis- Dealing with Plastic Pollution

214 Dillman


Juelun Wang

Jasmine Miller

Influences of Climate and Land Use Change on Hydrology and Water Resources

Assesment of Emissions of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt

214 Dillman


 Snigdha Prakesh

Gayatri Jagtap

 Impact of Soil Erosion on the Environment

Air Pollution and Pollutants: Ozone and Smog


214 Dillman


 Lindsey Watch, Environmental Engineering Ph.D. Candidate

 Modeling Evaluation of Hydrodynamic and Microbial Controls of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Dissolution

 214 Dillman

Civil Engineering CE 5990 Seminars, Spring 2016

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are from 4:00–5:00 PM in Room 642 of the Dow Building.

DatePresenter and AffiliationTitle Place
01/14/2016 Ms. Ingrid Sandberg, P.E. Engineering design and construction in Alaska 642 Dow
01/28/2016 Dr. Bill Bulleit, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering The Engineering Way of Thinking 642 Dow
02/11/2016 Benjamin Winter, PhD Candidate, Civil Engineering Wireless Structural Control using Multi-Step Sensor Placement Bandwidth Allocation 642 Dow
02/18/2016 Adjunct Professor William Leder, P.E. Spanning the Keweenaw Waterway During a Prolonged Outage of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge 642 Dow
02/25/2016 Hui Yao, PhD Candidate, Civil Engineering Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulation of Physicochemical Properties of the Asphalt Model 642 Dow
03/03/2016 Christopher Van Arsdale, PhD Candidate, Civil Engineering How Graduate Students can be Engaged in Technology Transfers 642 Dow
03/17/2016 Dr. Nancy Auer, Biological Sciences The future for sturgeon: Dams and Fish Passage 642 Dow
03/24/2016 Terry Stepanski, PE, Senior Project Manager, Michigan Dept. of Transportation Project Overview for the 20 year I-94 Expansion 642 Dow
03/30/2016 Dr. Amlan Mukherjee, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Model Thinking 642 Dow
04/07/2016 David Nelson, PE, Senior Research Engineer, MTU MTTI The Civil Engineer as an Air Force Base Engineer 642 Dow
04/14/2016 Mr. Richard O. Anderson, P.E., Dist. M. ASCE Geotechnically Related Failures of Projects 642 Dow
04/21/2016 Huijun Shoa, Research Engineer, School of Transportation, Tongji University
Dr. Xuelian Li, Associate Professor, Department of Road Engineering, Collge of Traffic and Transportation, Changsha University of Science & Technology
Evaluate the Aging Degree of Asphalt
Flame Resistance of Warm Mix Asphalt with Flame Retardant Additives

642 Dow