AROTC: Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

The Life of a Cadet

Seize the Day

Activity Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Physical Training (Football field / SDC)

0600 - 0715

0600 - 0715


0600 - 0715

Leadership Lab



1600 - 1800


Classroom Instruction



1900 - 2100


Wear Army Combat Uniform (ACU)



All Day


In addition to the weekly schedule above, the Cadet Battalion conducts one Field Training Exercise (FTX) per semester. The FTX is conducted from Friday–Sunday. Training conducted during the FTX includes land navigation, leadership challenge lanes, and rifle and pistol marksmanship.

During the Fall semester, the Cadet Battalion has a volunteer team that trains—and then competes—against 10 other universities in the annual Ranger Challenge competition held at Fort McCoy, Wisc. Some of the events include, but are not limited to, shooting, physical fitness evaluation, first aid, rope bridge, foot march, and marksmanship.

During the summer after students' second year, cadets have the opportunity to attend airborne school (which trains cadets to parachute), air assault training (rappelling and rigging external loads on helicopters), cadet field training at West Point, the cultural understanding and language program (which includes international travel to one of over 30 participating nations), helicopter flight training, and mountain warfare school in Vermont or Alaska.