Tick Crowdsourcing Project Returning for Second Year

Tick Talk, the crowdsourcing tick collection project conducted last year at Michigan Tech, will run for a second year in 2024. Tick collection will start early this year due to warm weather.

MTU's Genomic Sequencing Lab wants ticks from you, your family and your pets. The goal of this project is to identify the prevalence of tick-borne illnesses in the Copper Country. Please bring any ticks you find to one of two collection boxes on the Michigan Tech campus:

  • U. J. Noblet Forestry Building — Main Entrance
  • Great Lakes Research Center — First Floor

Current Results
Results from the community tick submission so far are available on the Tick Talk Dashboard. If you have any questions, please contact lab lead Aimee Marceau at ahmarcea@mtu.edu.

How to Remove and Preserve Ticks

  1. Use clean, fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin’s surface as possible.
  2. Pull upward with steady, even pressure. Don’t twist or jerk the tick; this can cause its mouth parts to break off and remain in the skin. If this happens, remove the mouth parts with tweezers. If you cannot remove the mouth easily with tweezers, leave it alone and let the skin heal.
  3. After removing the tick, thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.
  4. Never crush a tick with your fingers. Dispose of a live tick by:
    1. Placing it in a sealed plastic storage bag. Multiple ticks from the same location can be placed in the same bag.
    2. Once the tick is sealed inside the plastic storage bag, bring it to a drop-off point within eight hours or place the bag with the tick in a freezer until dropping it off at Michigan Tech.
  5. Follow the directions at the drop-off site to ensure the tick is properly preserved.

10th Annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium

The Pavlis Honors College is thrilled to invite you to the 10th annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium (URSS), taking place next Friday (March 22) in the Rozsa Lobby. This event promises to be an enlightening showcase of the fascinating research conducted by some of Michigan Tech's best and brightest undergraduates.

The day kicks off with two engaging poster sessions, scheduled from 12-1:30 p.m. and 2:30-4 p.m. Here, you will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the remarkable diversity of research areas explored by our talented student participants. Attendees will have the chance to engage directly with the students, inquire about their projects and gain deeper insights into the world of undergraduate research and scholarship.

An additional highlight of URSS is the panel discussion at 1:30 p.m., featuring guest panelists from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise. Panelists include industry veterans Debra Switzer, a graduate of MTU with over 20 years of experience in the mining industry; Erik Lilleskov, a research ecologist and project leader for the Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Sciences Work Unit of the U.S. Forest Service — Northern Research Station; and Ellie Asgari, an assistant professor of management and entrepreneurship in the College of Business. These panelists will share their insights on how undergraduate research can create opportunities and influence career paths, providing invaluable guidance to both students and faculty alike.

Interested in attending our research symposium? Be sure to check out the Pavlis Honors College Blog for more information about undergraduate research.

We encourage all faculty and staff to mark their calendars and attend URSS next Friday — your presence and support are invaluable as we celebrate the achievements of our undergraduate researchers and inspire the next generation of innovators.

COE Dean Semifinalist Presenting at Open Forum

The College of Engineering (COE) Dean Search Committee has invited four semifinalist candidates to Michigan Tech for on-campus interviews.

Candidate 3 Open Forum Presentation:
Monday, March 18, at 2 p.m. in the MUB Alumni Lounge

The third candidate's interview will be held Monday and Tuesday (March 18 and 19). The candidate will present their administrative philosophy and vision for COE at an open forum at 2 p.m. Monday in the MUB Alumni Lounge.

Information on all candidates, interview dates and open forum information can be viewed at the Academic Affairs Dean Search page. A Michigan Tech login is required to view resumes and provide comment. The open forums will be video recorded and posted to the website for viewing.

The COE Dean Search Committee encourages the campus community to interact with each candidate during the interviews and provide feedback by completing the anonymous comment form provided at the website. Feedback forms will be available for 72 hours following the last candidate's visit.

CFRES Dean Semifinalist Presenting at Open Forum

The College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science (CFRES) Dean Search Committee has invited four semifinalist candidates to Michigan Tech for on-campus interviews.

Candidate 1 Open Forum Presentation:
Monday, March 18, at 4 p.m. in Admin 404

The first candidate's interview will be held Monday and Tuesday (March 18 and 19). The candidate will present their administrative philosophy and vision for CFRES at an open forum at 4 p.m. Monday in the Administration Building, Admin 404.

Information on all candidates, interview dates and open forum information can be viewed at the Academic Affairs Dean Search page. A Michigan Tech login is required to view resumes and provide comment. The open forums will be video recorded and posted to the website for viewing.

The CFRES Dean Search Committee encourages the campus community to interact with each candidate during the interviews and provide feedback by completing the anonymous comment form provided at the website. Feedback forms will be available for 72 hours following the last candidate's visit.

Updates/Reminders for Travel Expenses and Reporting

Financial Services and Operations (FSO) announces the following updates and reminders on the allowability of various travel expenses.


  • Travel by commercial airlines is to be booked at a fare that includes the cost of a carry-on and a seat assignment. TSA PreCheck and upgrades to first class or business class are considered a personal preference and are not reimbursable. For reimbursement from sponsored projects, any sponsor-specific travel guidelines that are more restrictive must be followed.
  • A traveler may be reimbursed for mileage to and from the airport (when parking is not being utilized and the round trip to/from the airport is less than 75 miles) for no more than two round trips to/from the airport from their place of work.
  • Travel reimbursement requests (including repayment of cash advances and business meals) submitted and approved more than 60 days after the event/last day of business travel will be taxable income to the traveler (per IRS regulations).
  • Travel reimbursement requests (including business meals) submitted more than 120 days after the event/last day of travel are unallowable and are not reimbursable (per IRS regulations).
  • Cash advances which haven’t been submitted on an expense report or repaid, more than 120 days after the last day of business travel, will be deducted from the recipient’s future paycheck.
  • If the employee chooses to use personal funds/credit card to pay for travel expenses, reimbursement will be made upon completion of travel and timely submission of the Travel Expense Report. One travel report will be submitted.


  • Airline ticket change fees are reimbursable.
  • Airbnb and Vrbo may be used for lodging as long as there is an appropriate cost justification detailing an equivalent cost or savings.
  • Airline club memberships, including TSA PreCheck, are considered a personal preference and are not reimbursable.
  • Airline ticket insurance is considered a personal expense and is not reimbursable.
  • Itemized receipts are required for travel expenses for airline tickets, car rental, gas and lodging.
  • Car rental fees must be prorated for use for personal travel.

If you have questions about the travel changes, contact Financial Services and Operations at 906-487-2373 or travel@mtu.edu. For additional information, please visit FSO's University Travel page.

Revisions to Reimbursement of Business Meals Policy

Financial Services and Operations (FSO) announces the issuance of revised University Administrative Policy 2.03 Reimbursement of Business Meals.

The policy states that “Michigan Tech will reimburse employees/vendors who host events/meals for the purpose of University business. The active conduct of business must be the primary aspect of the business meal."

The updates are as follows:

  • Individuals from outside of the University must be in attendance for business meal expenses to be reimbursed. If on-campus dining is utilized, the requirement for an individual outside the University to be in attendance is waived. This requirement is also waived for student groups.
  • Allows for the reimbursement of up to three departmental events per fiscal year where multiple people from the department are in attendance, such as semester welcome events, team-building and departmental retreats. Current exclusions in Policy 2.03 still apply.
  • Itemized receipts are required for the reimbursement of business meals.
  • Reasonable gratuities may be added to the itemized receipt but cannot exceed the standard 20% gratuity.

This policy can be found on the University Policy Office website. If you have questions about the policy, contact Financial Services and Operations at 906-487-2373 or travel@mtu.edu.

GSG Social Event: Pottery and Tea

Come hang out and paint your own pottery to keep at Graduate Student Government's (GSG's) Pottery and Tea social event.

The event, in collaboration with local business Magic Kiln Studio, is sure to be a fun and relaxing time. Any pottery you paint will be brought to the kiln and fired to keep your pottery durable, and can be picked up at the Grad Commons a few days after the event.

Meet us at the MUB Commons after 6 p.m. next Thursday (March 21) to participate.

RSVP to the event.

Jaclyn Johnson Selected for Deans’ Teaching Showcase

Dean Audra Morse has selected Jaclyn Johnson, associate teaching professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (ME-EM), for this spring’s Deans’ Teaching Showcase. Johnson will be recognized at an end-of-term luncheon with other spring showcase members and is a candidate for the CTL Instructional Award Series.

“Dr. Johnson’s passion for helping students succeed is evident not only inside the classroom but also within extracurricular activities, where her success in mentoring students impacts students across campus,” Morse said.

Johnson serves as advisor for Engineering Ambassadors (EA) at Michigan Tech, a group that focuses on K-12 outreach while providing professional development for our students. EA is a national network spanning over 40 institutions, and Johnson holds the position of vice-chair of the Membership and Best Practices Committee in the national organization. Locally, Johnson imparts essential skills with her teaching of the assertion-evidence method of slide presentations and engaging with students during outreach visits to K-12 schools.

“Dr. Johnson is instrumental in helping future engineers hone their communication skills while igniting enthusiasm for engineering among younger generations,” a recent EA alum stated. Since 2012, she has collaborated with 114 EA members, collectively reaching nearly 7,000 students through visits to 11 local K-12 schools.

Another EA alum reflected on Johnson's impactful mentorship: “As one of the leaders of EA at Michigan Tech, I knew we could count on her for invaluable feedback on building and delivering effective presentations. Even now, I often reflect on the coaching I received from Dr. Johnson through EA when I am asked to present information to colleagues, supervisors and customers.”

More recently, Johnson played a pivotal role coordinating EA and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) in launching an outreach initiative known as Engineering Day. This half-day program at local elementary schools depends on planning and seamless coordination among the student groups. Our students not only learn the intricacies of event organization, but also cultivate essential skills in collaboration and teamwork. Since its inception in fall 2022, Engineering Day has successfully conducted six events, reaching nearly 1,100 local K-6 students.

“Jaclyn’s approach with EA and SWE is impressive,” a SWE member stated. “She guides students from behind the scenes, allowing them to grow into their leadership roles. We are excited to work with Jaclyn as we grow our outreach programs with local and regional schools, and the Girl Scouts.”

“Jaclyn has truly excelled as an advisor for SWE and EA, going above and beyond by being exceptionally accessible in helping me develop outreach activities,” another student noted. “Her commitment to educating the future generation is truly inspiring. As an undergraduate engineer, I consider her a significant influence in my leadership development.”

Whether inside the classroom or in extracurriculars, Johnson is an inspiring and engaging role model. As a recent MTU alum put it, “Dr. Johnson’s influence has had a profound impact on my life, both professionally and personally. It’s something I can’t quantify, but it’s definitely shaped who I am today.”

CS Colloquium with Shiva Rallapalli '05

Shiva Rallapalli ’05 (B.S. Computer Science) will present a Department of Computer Science (CS) Colloquium lecture next Friday (March 22) from 3-4 p.m. in Rekhi 214 and via Zoom online meeting.

The title of Rallapalli’s talk is “The future of Computer Science is in finding synergies with allied disciplines to unlock societal value.”

Join the Zoom meeting.

Rallapalli is the co-founder and global chief operating officer (COO) of VerityXR, a pioneering medical device company specializing in digital therapeutics for pain management and physical rehabilitation.

This talk is part of the Department of Computer Science alumni lecture series “Our Golden Years: Behind Us, Or Still Ahead?”

Read the talk abstract and speaker bio on the Computing News Blog.

GMES Faculty Candidate Presentation with Daisy Ning

Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences (GMES) faculty candidate Daisy Ning will give a presentation Monday (March 18) from noon to 1 p.m. in Dow 610. Virtual attendance is also invited via Zoom. All are welcome to attend.

Ning's presentation is titled "Enhancing Energy Sustainability via Integrated Subsurface Characterization."

From the abstract:
Addressing climate change necessitates a shift towards enhancing energy sustainability. This involves strategies aimed at mitigating global warming by reducing carbon emissions and promoting the adoption of low-carbon fuels. Within this framework, this presentation introduces four key topics in sustainable energy: Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration (CCUS), Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), underground hydrogen (H2) storage, and hydrocarbon exploration in unconventional reservoirs.

One critical distinction among these four topics lies in the approach to hydraulic fractures, whether to create them effectively or to avoid them altogether. Hence, the first case study delves into integrated multi-scale, multi-physics datasets to optimize stimulation design. This involves analyzing lithology, faults, natural fractures, cross-well strain responses, and stress regimes. More specifically, the interpretation of low-frequency Distributed Acoustic Sensing (LF-DAS) data is explored to enhance understanding of hydraulic fracture connections. These insights pave the way for more effective and environmentally friendly stimulation design.

In the second case study, static and dynamic modeling are employed to evaluate the feasibility of sequestering over 50 million metric tons of CO 2 within 30 years as part of a CCUS initiative. This foundational work has laid the groundwork for the implementation of the first commercial-scale CCUS project in Colorado.

Ning holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering and a minor in geophysics. After working in the oil/gas industry as a reservoir engineer for two years, she is currently a research associate at the Colorado School of Mines. Her research ranges from unconventional reservoir development by integrating distributed fiber optics sensing (DFOS) with microseismic, geology and seismic data; carbon capture and sequestration (CCS); and enhanced geothermal system (EGS). She currently is the principal investigator (PI) of an $11 million U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-funded CCUS project and a co-PI of a DOE-funded geothermal EGS demonstration project.

Isaac Gordon Named CCHA Rookie of the Year

Michigan Tech hockey's Isaac Gordon has been named the CCHA Rookie of the Year.

Gordon earned CCHA Rookie of the Week honors four times during the 2023-24 season, and was named to the CCHA All-Second Team and CCHA All-Rookie Team earlier this week. He has skated in all 37 games this season and leads the Huskies with 18 goals and 36 points. He currently leads the CCHA in points and is ranked second in goals.

Season highlights for Gordon include a hat trick and an added assist against Augustana on Nov. 3 for a four-point night. He had seven-game and five-game point streaks during the season, and is currently on a three-game point streak with three goals and five assists.

Read more at Michigan Tech Athletics.

Cross Country Tallies Eight USTFCCCA All-Academic Athletes

Both of Michigan Tech's cross country squads were both named USTFCCCA All-Academic Teams, and eight student-athletes were selected for individual honors.

The women's team's combined GPA of 3.77 finished just outside the top 10, taking 11th overall in Division II. Hannah Loughlin, Anabel Needham, Sophia Rhein and Hailee Zimpel were honored as All-Academic Athletes for the Huskies.

The men's team held a 3.41 combined GPA this fall, with Callen Carrier, Sam Lange, Sam Marshall and Nick McKenzie selected as All-Academic Athletes.

"We take great pride in what our athletes accomplish in the classroom," cross country head coach Kristina Owen said. "It's really hard to balance being a student and an athlete well, and our team consistently rises to that challenge by excelling in both their studies and on the race course. They're learning so many incredible lessons that will serve them well in their careers. They are ready for the future!"

Read more at Michigan Tech Athletics.

Hockey Hosting Minnesota State in Mason Cup Semifinal

Michigan Tech hockey hosts Minnesota State tomorrow (March 16) in the CCHA Mason Cup Semifinals.

The puck drops at 5:07 p.m. at the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena. The Huskies are the No. 3 seed and the Mavericks are No. 4.

Listen live on the radio at Mix 93.5 WKMJ-FM or online at TheMix93.com or Pasty.net. The game will be livestreamed on FloHockey (a subscription is required — discounts are available for students).

Read the preview at Michigan Tech Athletics.

Job Posting

Job Posting for Friday, March 15, 2024

Staff and faculty job descriptions are available on the Human Resources website. For more information regarding staff positions, call 906-487-2280 or email humanresources@mtu.edu. For more information regarding faculty positions, contact the academic department in which the position is posted.

Assistant Research Scientist – Environmental Biotechnology, Great Lakes Research Center. Apply online.
Contact: Elizabeth Hoy

Michigan Technological University is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution/Equal Opportunity Employer that provides equal opportunity for all, including protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Accommodations are available. If you require any auxiliary aids, services, or other accommodations to apply for employment, or for an interview, at Michigan Technological University, please notify the Human Resources office at 906-487-2280 or humanresources@mtu.edu.

In the News

Cassy Tefft de Muñoz (CEO) was quoted in an Insight on Manufacturing story about Michigan Tech’s Mind Trekkers road show presentation for sixth- and seventh-graders in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Feb. 15-16. The hands-on science demonstrations were held at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and sponsored by the NEW Manufacturing Alliance.


Jim Tolan (CFRES) was quoted by Michigan Meetings + Events Magazine in a story highlighting the seasonal conference facilities at Michigan Tech's Ford Center as a “remote retreat” offering business groups a more casual, laid-back setting.


MLive mentioned Michigan Tech in a story about the U.S. Department of Defense’s $39.9 million award to Calumet Electronics to expand manufacturing of organic substrates, or high-density build-up substrates. The story noted MTU’s $838,000 grant to support semiconductor education and training programs, which was awarded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation in 2023.


The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center mentioned Michigan Tech in a news release marking the kickoff of the Ice Control for cold Environments (ICE) program by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). ICE’s goal is to “manipulate ice material properties to safeguard military assets and personnel, bolstering operational effectiveness in harsh cold conditions.” MTU was listed among the program participants.


WLUC TV6 mentioned MTU in a story covering medical student Lindsay Sandell ’21 (B.S. Biomedical Engineering) being awarded a Copper Shores Community Health Foundation Tuition Assistance Scholarship at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, UP Region Campus.


The Detroit News mentioned Michigan Tech in a story about the opening of public voting for the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame’s Class of 2024. The ballot includes the late Tony Esposito, a former Michigan Tech hockey goaltender who became a Chicago Blackhawks icon.


Next Week: Celebrate Open Education Week 2024

On Monday (March 18) at noon, the Van Pelt and Opie Library will celebrate Open Education (OE) Week with a virtual panel discussion on Zoom with creators, users and supporters of OE resources and practices.

The OE movement is revolutionizing education. The Michigan Tech community and the general public are welcome to attend and learn what that means for us. Attendees can look forward to hearing from Linda Wanless (CTL), Bree Carlson (KIP), Michael Maxwell (VPA) and Matthew Barron (EF) about OE at Michigan Tech and beyond.

Register for this free event.

Those interested in an in-person discussion are welcome to join Scholarly Communications Librarian Annelise Doll (VPOL) for an OE Cafe Social at noon next Friday (March 22) in the Library Cafe.

For more information, please contact library@mtu.edu.


RTC Brown Bag with Brilynn Janckila

Please join the Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture (RTC) graduate program for a Brown Bag event today (March 15) at noon in the Petersen Library, Walker 319. The presentor is fourth-year RTC Ph.D. student Brilynn Janckila.

Janckila’s presentation is titled “Too Much Pink!: Influencer Barbie and the Mediatization of Little Girlhood.”

From the abstract:
The “girl-method” (Mitchell, 2011) is highly valued in girlhood studies and focuses on adults working with girls to understand more about the girl experience and, hopefully, advocate for them. Typically, the focus is on teen or tween girls (McRobbie, 2007; Ringrose & Harvey, 2013; Rossie, 2015; Willett, 2005), which has provided valuable insight into the girl perspective. However, little girls, or girls ages 5-9, have not yet been heavily included in the field. As part of my dissertation project, I facilitated two focus groups with little girls to explore their perspective on the Barbie's Youtube Vlogs — where Barbie is now an influencer — and what they think about older girlhood in relation to media made for them. In this presentation, I will explore a content analysis of the Barbie Vlogs themselves, as well as themes from the focus groups.

Speaking to girls this age can bring new insight into the figure of the girl. Even at ages 5-9, girls are forming their identity. Barbie represents a specific girlhood — a white, (upper) middle-class, can-do girl. In her vlogs, she demonstrates an interior life focused on self-empowerment and competency, engaging girls in a culture of competency rather than of leisure. Barbie’s modern role-model worthy makeover as a lifestyle influencer is an interesting dichotomy of social forces at play — the unapologetically feminine and capable character is using social media to speak directly to her viewers. My goal with this study is to explore how little girls interpret Barbie’s performance of teenage girlhood. The presentation will also include reflections on the methods, working with girls this age, and recommendations for future research.


American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Course

Earn your American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification from April 18-21 at the Michigan Tech SDC Pool! This four-day blended-learning intensive training course includes Lifeguard/First Aid/CPR/AED certifications and all training materials.

All participants must be 15 years of age or older by the first date of the course (documentation required). Required water skills include the ability to swim 300 yards continuously, tread water for two minutes and complete a timed event in which participants retrieve a 10-pound brick from a depth of 7-10 feet and swim 20 yards with the object.

Online training prerequisites must be completed by the first day of classroom instruction. The instructor will contact class participants with online course information and directions. Class size is limited.

Course Details:

  • Class Dates/Times:
    • Thursday, April 18, from 5-6 p.m.
    • Friday, April 19, from 4-8 p.m.
    • Saturday, April 20, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Sunday, April 21, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Cost: $200 per participant
  • Registration: Opens today (March 15) at 8 a.m. and closes April 5 at 11:59 p.m.

For more information, visit Michigan Tech Recreation's ARC Lifeguard Certification page.


AC Faculty Candidate Presentation with Keith Feldman

Department of Applied Computing (AC) tenure-track faculty candidate Keith Feldman will give a research presentation today (March 15) at 2 p.m. in Rekhi 214.

The title of Feldman’s presentation is “Beyond Modeling: Contextualizing Data and Improving Patient Representations in the Context of Learning Health Systems.”

Read the talk abstract and candidate bio on the Computing News Blog.


Sigma Phi Epsilon Polar Plunge

Every year, Sigma Phi Epsilon puts on a Polar Plunge philanthropy event to raise money for donation to a local organization. Our event will take place tomorrow (March 16) at 11 a.m. at Chutes and Ladders Park (Ray Kestner Waterfront Park) in Houghton.

We have once again chosen to donate money to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly (LBFE), which is an organization that helps the elderly throughout the Keweenaw and even across the Upper Peninsula as well. LBFE assists with medical appointments and equipment, combating loneliness and providing basic living essentials.

Please join us in achieving our goal of raising $3,000 for this organization. For every $25 donated, you have the option of nominating a brother of your choice to plunge! Community members and friends will also be able to jump themselves for just $5 on the day of the event.

Please visit the Polar Plunge 2024 page to find more information about the event and make a donation.

Thank you for your support and generosity toward helping the elders of the Keweenaw!

Today's Campus Events

To have your event automatically appear, please submit them to the University Events Calendar.

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Graduating and Still Looking? Walk In for Coffee and a Chat

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MTTI Luncheon with MDOT Research Program Visitors

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Research Presentation: AC Faculty Candidate Keith Feldman

Department of Applied Computing tenure-track faculty candidate Keith Feldman will give a research presentation on Friday, March 15, 2024, at 2 pm in Rekhi 214. The title of...


PADI Open Water SCUBA Certification

Earn your PADI Open Water SCUBA certification. This course is conducted over two weekends and includes 10 hours of academic instruction (some coursework to be completed...


MUB Board Presents: IVAN PECEL

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