Scheduled Water Outage To Affect ROTC, AOB, Annex Building

The Department of Facilities Management has scheduled water main repair work on the east side of the ROTC Building tomorrow (Sept. 29) at 5 a.m.

Performance of the work will require that water service be shut off at the Academic Office Building, the ROTC Building and the Annex Building. The scheduled work is expected to be completed by 9 a.m.

Please contact Facilities Management at 906-487-2303 with any questions.

University Safety and Security

Over the last six months, Michigan Tech reviewed and refreshed its focus on campus safety security. Last spring, we launched the University Task Force on Safety Protocols, reviewed the current state of safety and security at Michigan Tech and made several recommendations, including additional communications with campus. The task force included representatives from the University Senate, Undergraduate Student Government, Graduate Student Government, and many staff members who directly deal with safety and security issues.

As a result of this work, the University has formed the Office of Risk, Insurance, Safety, Security, and Compliance (RISSC) to bring together the University’s safety and security personnel under one umbrella and allow for closer collaboration and prioritization of resources. RISSC includes the Department of Public Safety and Police Services, led by Chief Brian Cadwell; Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), led by Scott Wendt; Manager of Risk Management and Compliance John Velat; and Director of Purchasing and Insurance Programs Danielle Cyrus.

RISSC will report to Sarah Schulte, Michigan Tech's general counsel, and continues to collaborate closely with other departments on campus, especially Facilities and Information Technology.

Below is a list of brief updates in key safety and security areas, as well as information on where to direct any questions or concerns.

General Health and Safety

  • The volunteer EMS program remains strong; we thank our students for their hard work and dedication.
  • A new ambulance bay is under construction by the football stadium with anticipated completion in early spring 2024. This will be the only ambulance bay on the Houghton side of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge, and Mercy EMS will utilize this site to provide faster response times to Michigan Tech and the local community.
  • AED batteries and pads are receiving maintenance from EMS and EHS.
  • EHS is also working to evaluate AED locations and improve signage.

Classroom Safety and Security

  • Prior to the end of fall 2023, panic buttons will be installed in Dow 641, EERC 103, Fisher 135 and 139, M&M U115 and Wads G11W. We will evaluate feedback on these buttons at the end of the fall semester and will maintain a prioritization schedule for additional installations, as appropriate.
  • Safety door locks have been installed in Chem Sci 101, 102, 106, 211 and 215. It is our intention to install additional locks, pending a more complete feasibility and prioritization analysis, fire code compliance and ongoing supply chain issues. Depending on the type and number of doors in a classroom, the cost for door locks ranges from approximately $800 to $21,000 per classroom.

Active Shooter/Active Assailant Trainings

  • Two live "Surviving an Active Threat: Run, Hide, Fight" trainings will occur Nov. 14 and 15, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sign-up information is included in the Sept. 18 Tech Today article.
  • Live active shooter trainings for departments or other established groups can be requested from Public Safety.
  • A video training on responding in the event of an active shooter on campus is available on Public Safety's website.
  • Additional "Active Shooter - Run, Hide, Fight" web training is available through Safety Skills.
  • All new employees receive active assailant training at new employee orientation, and all students receive training at their orientation.

Other Items Undergoing Review and Prioritization
Below is a non-exhaustive list of additional items, current systems and potential changes that RISSC and other campus partners are currently working on, reviewing and prioritizing:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Electronic access control for doors
  • Blue light phones with video capabilities
  • Fire alarm system monitoring
  • Fire safety reporting and protocols
  • Campuswide alert to test emergency communication systems
  • Life safety equipment compliance and recordkeeping
  • Evacuation maps and procedures
  • Emergency situation protocols (e.g., elevator failures, hazardous materials releases, natural gas odors, plumbing failures/flooding, power failure, suspicious mail and weather-related emergencies)
  • Support mechanisms in event of violent threats received by campus community member
  • Written plans for responding to tragedy

Moving forward, we will be providing updates regularly through Tech Today. If you would like to discuss any of these items in greater detail or have any questions, please reach out to Sarah Schulte at

Christopher Plummer and Andrew Burton Presenting at Oct. 9 Research Forum

Distinguished Professor Christopher Plummer (VPA) and Distinguished Professor Andrew Burton (CFRES) will be featured at the Michigan Tech Research Forum (MTRF) on Oct. 9. The event will be held in the Memorial Union Ballroom A. The lectures will begin at 4 p.m. Networking and light refreshments will begin at 3:45 p.m. and will continue after the lectures.

Plummer's presentation is titled “Sound as a foundation of our built and digital environments.”

Burton’s presentation is titled “Long-term ecological research – the gift that keeps on giving.”

Additional details can be found on the MTRF website.

The Office of the Provost presents the MTRF with support from the Vice President for Research Office. The forum showcases and celebrates the work of Michigan Tech researchers and aims to strengthen discussions in our community. All are welcome, including the general public.

CoE Dean Search Committee

Following Senate Procedure 802.1.1, the following individuals have agreed to serve on the College of Engineering (CoE) dean search committee.

  • Bruce Lee (BioMed)
  • David Shonnard (ChE)
  • David Watkins (CEGE)
  • Jin Choi (ECE)
  • Brett Hamlin (EF)
  • Greg Waite (GMES)
  • John Irwin (MMET)
  • Paul Sanders (MSE)
  • Gregory Odegard (ME-EM)
  • Akash Kumar (alternate Austin DePottey), Graduate Student Government
  • Jocelyn Portice (alternate Max Distelrath), Undergraduate Student Government
  • Gina Goudge (MSE), staff
  • Sonia Goltz (COB), at-large
  • Dennis Livesay (CC), at-large
  • Kelly Steelman (CLS), at-large
  • Renee Ozanich (HR), ad-hoc
  • Abbi Halkola (EOC/Title IX), ad-hoc

The committee has received their charge and already scheduled their first two committee meetings, which are open to faculty, staff and students.

The kickoff meeting, in which the committee will discuss the search process and job description, is scheduled for tomorrow (Sept. 29) at 8:10 a.m. in the MUB’s Alumni Lounge. The second meeting, to seek faculty, staff, and student feedback related to the job description, is scheduled for Tuesday (Oct. 3) at 8:10 a.m. in MUB Ballroom A1.

Additional meetings open to faculty, staff and students will be announced by the committee through Tech Today.

2023 Midyear Commencement Ceremony Faculty Participation

The 2023 Midyear Commencement Ceremony will take place on Dec. 16 at 10:30 a.m. in the Student Development Complex Varsity Gym.

Michigan Tech faculty are cordially invited to participate in the faculty procession to support students in their department at the ceremony. Faculty presence means a great deal to the students and their families. Members of the procession wear regalia, march in the procession and sit as a group to show support for the graduates.

To participate in the ceremony on Dec. 16, please submit the Commencement Ceremony Participation Form by the Oct. 20 deadline.

Faculty may order caps and gowns through the Commencement website before noon on Oct. 9 from the Campus Store’s Cap and Gown Order page to receive the lowest price. Expedited shipping fees will apply to all orders placed after that date. Orders placed after noon on Nov. 13 are not guaranteed to arrive before the commencement ceremony.

We hope you will join us!

— Commencement Team

On-Campus Meetings Available with TIAA Financial Consultant

Ryan Hallowell from Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA) will be available on Michigan Tech's campus on the following dates for one-on-one sessions.

  • Tuesday, Oct. 10 — Wadsworth Cherry Room
  • Wednesday, Oct. 11 — Wadsworth Cherry Room
  • Thursday, Oct. 12 — Wadsworth Cherry Room
  • Friday, Oct. 13 — Wadsworth Cherry Room

No matter where you are in life — just getting started or planning for retirement — a session with Hallowell can help you create a plan for your goals. And, it's at no cost as a part of your retirement plan. You'll get answers to these questions and more:

  • Am I invested in the right mix of investments to help meet my goals?
  • Am I saving enough to create the retirement income I need?
  • How do I take income from my retirement account once I stop working?

RSVP today, as space is limited. Register for sessions with TIAA directly, or register by calling 800-732-8353 on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Register a Site for Make a Difference Day!

We are just one month away from our largest annual day of service — Make a Difference Day!

Last year, 448 Huskies gave back at 60 unique service sites across the Keweenaw. We anticipate a similar number of volunteers for this year’s event, which will take place Oct. 28 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Do you know of an organization, agency or community member who is in need of assistance? We can help! Request support yourself by completing our site registration form or pass it on to others who would benefit from having some Husky Helpers.

Past activities completed by our volunteers include organizing donations, chopping wood, cleaning storage facilities, fall lawn cleanup, trail maintenance and more.

Thank you for your help to make a difference in our community!

Gathering & Presentation Honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day

All are welcome to a gathering honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Oct. 9. This annual holiday celebrates the histories and cultures of Indigenous peoples across the Americas. We will welcome James Rattling Leaf and Michael Waasegiizhig Price to the Michigan Tech campus in honor of the event.

Rattling Leaf will speak about leading with Indigenous cultural intelligence to advance equity in a changing climate; Waasegiizhig Price will share Anishinaabe insights on adapting to a changing climate. Please see their bios below.

This event will be held in the Alumni Lounge in the Memorial Union Building from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The session will open with an opportunity to meet and visit with our honored guests while sharing light refreshments; presentations will commence around noon. For those interested in meeting with our guests before this event, please contact Erika Vye at

This event is generously sponsored by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the Department of Humanities, the Department of Social Sciences, the Great Lakes Research Center and the Institute for Policy, Ethics, and Culture at Michigan Technological University.

About James Rattling Leaf 
Rattling Leaf is a global Indigenous consultant and principal of the WOLAKOTA LAB, LLC, who serves as a guide and inspiration to organizations to work more effectively with Indigenous peoples for a more equitable world. He has over 25 years' experience working with the U.S. federal government, higher education institutions and nonprofits to develop and maintain effective working relationships with federally and non-federally recognized American Indian tribes, tribal colleges, universities and tribal communities. He specializes in developing programs that utilize the interface between Indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge and western science. He sees a greater vision of human knowledge that incorporates the many insights of human cultures and provides a context for our better understanding of the planet. Currently, he has projects with the Environmental Science Data Innovation and Inclusion Lab, North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, Rosebud Sioux Tribe, GEO Indigenous Alliance, and the Ecological Society of America Governing Board of Directors. He is a citizen of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and has a degree from Sinte Gleska University.

About Michael Waasegiizhig Price
Waasegiizhig Price is the traditional ecological knowledge specialist at the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission in Odanah, Wisconsin. He is an enrolled member of Wikwemikong First Nations in Canada. His role as TEK specialist involves integrating Anishinaabe language and cultural perspectives into research methods and resource management to make science more culturally relevant. Waasegiizhig Price received his Master of Science in Forestry from the University of Montana and his Certificate of Ojibwe Language Instruction from Bemidji State University.

Café Francais: For the Love of French

Comment dit-on "love" en Français? 

This week's Café Français is today (Sept. 28) from 5-6 p.m. in Walker 120C. We will be talking about love and the various cultural traditions to which it has given rise over the centuries, from the legend of Lancelot and Guinevere in the Middle Ages to the romantic comedies that many of us have grown up with.

In the last part of the hour, we will watch the opening of Claire Denis's critically acclaimed 2008 film "35 Shots de Rhum," a story of love and loneliness, connection and separation. Coffee and tea will be served.

Venez nombreux!

EPSSI Seminar with Dennis Niedermeier

Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Institute (EPSSI) guest Dennis Niedermeier, a scientist at Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), will give a talk on Monday (Oct. 2) at 4 p.m. in M&M U113.

Event details can be viewed on the University Events Calendar.

Niedermeier will present "Investigating aerosol – cloud – turbulence interactions in a well-defined and controlled environment: The turbulent moist-air wind tunnel LACIS-T."

From the abstract:
Clouds are important players in both weather and climate. To better understand and quantify the behavior of clouds in general, and the interactions between turbulence and cloud microphysical processes in particular, intensive laboratory investigations under well-defined and reproducible conditions form an irreplaceable part of cloud research.

In this presentation, we introduce the unique turbulent moist-air wind tunnel LACIS-T (Turbulent Leipzig Aerosol Cloud Interaction Simulator) developed at TROPOS to specifically study the interactions between turbulence and microphysical cloud processes. The investigations take place under well-defined and reproducible turbulent and thermodynamic conditions covering the temperature range of warm, mixed-phase and cold clouds. The continuous-flow design of the facility allows for the investigation of processes occurring on small temporal and spatial scales. Thereby a Lagrangian perspective is feasible. The experimental studies using LACIS-T are accompanied and complemented by computational fluid dynamics simulations which help us to design experiments as well as to interpret experimental results.

In this presentation, we will show the fundamental operating principle of LACIS-T, the numerical model, and results concerning the thermodynamic and flow conditions prevailing inside the wind tunnel. Finally, results are presented from deliquescence, droplet activation and growth as well as heterogeneous ice nucleation experiments.

CTL Workshop: 'Enhancing Canvas Course Design Using DesignPlus'

Would you like to develop a high-quality, engaging course using a modern- and professional-looking course template? Plan to join the instructional design team from the William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) for a workshop about enhancing Canvas course design using DesignPlus tools.

We will introduce DesignPlus and the course template, review how to import the course template and show you how you can customize it for your own course.

This workshop will focus on the most common and easy course design features to help you build a high-quality, professional-looking course. No advanced technical skills are necessary.

Register for this event.

Volleyball Falls to Wildcats

The Michigan Tech volleyball team fell to Northern Michigan on Tuesday (Sept. 26) at the SDC Gym.

The first two sets went to extra points and the Wildcats came out on top, 27-25, 26-24 and 25-19.

"It was looking good at the beginning and then the wheels fell off," Tech coach Matt Jennings said. "I didn't have them prepared well enough to compete. Our backcourt struggled and our ball control was poor, so it makes it hard to get the offense going."

Tech continues its five-match home stretch this weekend hosting Lake Superior State at 7 p.m. tomorrow (Sept. 29) and Ferris State at 4 p.m. on Homecoming Saturday (Sept. 30).

"We have to bounce back," added Jennings. "There's only one way to go. Lake State is gunning for us, and we'll have our hands full with Ferris State. We'll be better in practice, and we have to be ready with a big weekend ahead."

Read more at the Michigan Tech Athletics website.

Soccer Hosting Davenport and Grand Valley State

Michigan Tech soccer returns home for their second leg of conference games, hosting Davenport tomorrow (Sept. 29) and No. 13 Grand Valley State on Sunday (Oct. 1).

The Huskies' tilt against the Panthers is slated to start at 6 p.m. tomorrow Their contest versus GVSU on Sunday will serve as Community Day, with an invitation for local soccer clubs (CCSA and HFC) to attend. The Huskies will take on the Lakers starting at noon.

Fans can catch the contests on FloSports (a subscription is required — discounts are available for students).

Read the previews at the Michigan Tech Athletics website.

New Funding

Madeline Baroli (CFRES/ESC) is the principal investigator (PI) on a project that has received a $74,999 other sponsored activities co-op joint agreement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service.

The project is titled "Climate Adaptation Technical Assistance to R9 State, Private, and Tribal Forestry Partners."

Patricia Danielle Shannon (CFRES/ESC) is a co-PI on this potential 27-month project.


Rodney Chimner (CFRES/ESC) is the PI on a project that has received a $38,025 other sponsored activities co-op joint agreement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service.

The project is titled "Foundational Science for Sustainable Peatland Management in Central Africa."

This is a potential 18-month project.

In the News

MTU grad student Nadija Packauskas was quoted by the Daily Mining Gazette in a story about the Art for Peace children’s art exhibition currently on display at the Copper Country Community Arts Center.


The Keweenaw Report picked up a Michigan Tech News story about Petra Huentemeyer (Physics/EPSSI) winning the University’s 2023 Research Award.


UPWord mentioned Michigan Tech in a story about enrollment increases seen by both MTU and Northern Michigan University for fall 2023.


WLUC TV6 mentioned Michigan Tech in a segment about the first Upper Peninsula Day of Theatre hosted by the Alpha Psi Omega national theatre honor society at Northern Michigan University. Students from NMU, MTU and Lake Superior State University participated.


Mont Ripley general manager Nick Sirdenis was quoted by WJMN Local 3 in a story about fall foliage chairlift tours being offered at the ski hill.


UPWord mentioned Michigan Tech in a story about the Autism Alliance of Michigan’s trip to the western Upper Peninsula. The organization stopped at MTU to share its Autism 101 training on Sept. 13.


Fusion Night – Rhythms of India

Get ready for Fusion Night – Rhythms of India!

Calling all music and dance enthusiasts! Join us for an electrifying DJ night, brought to you by the Indian Students Association in collaboration with the MUB Board. We're turning up the heat with the hottest beats from India.

Event Details:

  • When: Saturday, Sept. 30, from 8:30-11:30 p.m.
  • Where: Walker Lawn, Michigan Technological University
  • Rain Location: SDC Multipurpose Room

Mark your calendars and spread the word. This is a night you won't want to miss! Entry is free!


This Week's C3 Luncheon Menu

Menu for Thursday (Sept. 28):

  • Teriyaki Pork Loin
  • Garden Salad
  • Basmati Rice
  • Chef Vegetables
  • Spring Rolls and Sweet Chili Sauce

Carved and Crafted Catering at Michigan Tech is hosting this week's C-Cubed Luncheon today from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Memorial Union Alumni Lounge (MUB 107). All faculty and staff, along with their guests, are invited.

The C-Cubed, or C3, lunch buffet menus are created and prepared by chef Luis Delgado and his culinary team. As the name suggests, the meals are meant to foster conversation, community and collegiality. Attendees may bring their lunch instead of purchasing the buffet. Fruit-infused water, coffee, tea and cookies are available free to all attendees.

The buffet lunch is $15 per person. Cash, credit cards and gift cards are accepted. Gift cards can be purchased in the Memorial Union Office (MUB 101).

You can submit C-Cubed feedback using the C-Cubed Survey/Comments form. To join the C-Cubed Google Group and receive weekly menus, please complete the C-Cubed Luncheon Email List form.


Physics Colloquium with Yeonsu Jung

Yeonsu Jung from Harvard University will be presenting at this week's Physics Colloquium. The seminar will be presented in person at 4 p.m. today (Sept. 28) in Fisher 139.

Read the abstract on the University Events Calendar.


BioSci Seminar Series Speaker: Vaishali Sharma

Vaishali Sharma will present as part of the Department of Biological Sciences (BioSci) Seminar Series today (Sept. 28) from 3-4 p.m. in GLRC 202A.

Sharma is a third-year Ph.D. student in biological sciences at Michigan Tech. She works with Caryn Heldt (ChE/HRI) in the Heldt Bioseparations Lab, where she investigates how to inactivate viruses using various antiviral materials. She applies techniques such as chemical force microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, dynamic light scattering, and virus infectivity assays to understand the mechanisms of virus inactivation.

Sharma's presentation is titled "Copper infused clay mineral for virus inactivation."

From the abstract:
Infectious agents can be transmitted from the source to a host, often by aerosols, droplets, and fomites. Breaking the chain of infection during transmission is essential to manage the spread of infection. Antiviral materials and coatings with self-sterilizing properties could reduce viral loads from fomites. Copper-based alloys, nanomaterials, and coating technologies have proven effective against various enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Nevertheless, the development and application of Cu-based antivirals have increased the ecological constraint of the accumulation of Cu ions in the environment. Various copper-based composites, like copper-infused phyllosilicate minerals, polymers, glass, etc., offer strategies to confine the metal and reduce the concentration of metals leaching into the environment. Phyllosilicate minerals infused with cupric ions (Cu2+) can act as antiviral materials for fomite coatings. We used different methods to investigate how the Cu2+ ions interact with the viruses and affect their infectivity. We measured the morphology of phyllosilicate minerals, infusion, and release of the Cu2+ ions from the phyllosilicate minerals. We also tested the effect of EDTA, a chelating agent, and BSA, a blocking agent, on the virus removal by the Cu2+-modified minerals. Our results showed that the Cu2+ ions were involved in virus inactivation and surface adsorption. This suggests that phyllosilicate minerals with Cu2+ ions could reduce viral transmission from fomites while minimizing the environmental impact of copper accumulation.


BioSci Seminar Series Speaker: Isaac Bigcraft

Isaac Bigcraft will present as part of the Department of Biological Sciences (BioSci) Seminar Series today (Sept. 28) from 3-4 p.m. in GLRC 202A.

Bigcraft is a biochemistry and molecular biology Ph.D. student at Michigan Tech, working with Stephen Techtmann (BioSci) in the Techtmann Lab. Bigcraft's research focuses are microbial ecology and bioinformatics; specifically, applying machine learning techniques to the modeling of environmental microbes.

Bigcraft's presentation is titled "Predicting Oil Contamination in the Great Lakes Using Microbial Communities."

From the abstract:
Microbial community composition can shift dramatically in response to oil contamination. These microbial biomarkers can be identified by machine learning models in order to predict contamination and aid in environmental monitoring. 16S rRNA data from three different Great Lakes oil amendment microcosm studies was used to train machine learning models and explore their ability to predict oil contamination in the Great Lakes. The resulting random forest models were highly accurate, even when trained on as few as ten taxa. However, when testing the trained models with a wider variety of data from different times, locations, or sequencing runs, accuracy fell as the models lacked generalizability. Despite this, the accuracy of the models demonstrate the potential of microbial communities as biosensors able to identify trace amounts of oil and aid in determining spill origins.


Respond by Tomorrow to Support Essential Education Implementation

If you are interested in participating in a working group or in a leadership role to support the implementation of Essential Education, Michigan Tech's revised general education curriculum, please express your interest in participation using the Essential Education Implementation Team and Task Forces form. We will be accepting responses until tomorrow (Sept. 29).

In addition to supporting a campuswide change, these roles will provide valuable networking and professional development opportunities for individuals who are interested in expanding their on-campus networks or gaining valuable experience for taking on future leadership roles.


ME-EM Graduate Seminar Speaker: Danan Dou

The next Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (ME-EM) Graduate Seminar speaker will present at 4 p.m. today (Sept. 28) in MEEM 112.

Danan Dou will present “Fields of Opportunities in a Growing World.”

Dou is a John Deere fellow and an SAE fellow. Currently, he is the chief technologist of John Deere Power Systems. He previously served as John Deere's manager of aftertreatment technologies and the manager of advanced power systems engineering until 2020.

Today's Campus Events

To have your event automatically appear, please submit them to the University Events Calendar.

Layered in Between: Prints by Erin Hoffman Presented by Michigan Tech Art

Erin Hoffman is an artist and printmaker from Muskegon, Michigan, who deals primarily with political and social concerns. Through the presentation of mismatched ideas and...


Depression Screening Day

School, managing adult life, keeping up with friends - it all can be a bit overwhelming! Maybe you've noticed that you're feeling down, are less interested in your routine...


MTTI Luncheon: Learn About Transportation/Mobility Research Opportunities

Ever considered transportation/mobility as potential research area? Or looked for a team to join and use your expertise for the topic areas? If either of these questions...


Maximizing Public Benefit through Translational Research, Applied Innovation, and Commercialization

Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Jim Baker Associate Vice President for Research Administration Abstract Research activities lead to many discoveries related to...


Biological Science Seminar - Isaac Bigcraft

Isaac Bigcraft PhD Student Michigan Technological University Department of Biological Sciences Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Predicting Oil Contamination in the...


Biological Science Seminar - Vaishali Sharma

Vaishali Sharma PhD Student Michigan Technological University Department of Biological Sciences Copper-infused clay mineral for virus inactivation Abstract:...


Boys' Basketball Little Huskies

Learning skills, working as a team, and having fun: that’s Michigan Tech’s Boys’ Basketball Little Huskies League. It’s about the best introduction to basketball you can...


Fields of Opportunities in a Growing World

ME-EM Graduate Seminar Speaker Series proudly presents Danan Dou, PhD John Deere Fellow and SAE Fellow Chief Technologist (Power Systems) John Deere Power...


Physics Colloquium with Dr. Yeonsu Jung

Yeonsu Jung from Harvard University will be presenting at this week's Physics Colloquium. The seminar will be presented in person at 4 p.m., Thursday, September 28 in Fisher...


Study Abroad Gilman Scholarship Info Session

The Gilman Scholarship is a US Department of State scholarship awarded to Pell Eligible students enbarking on study abroad programs. This information session will cover...


Adult Huskies Swim Lessons Fall 2023 Session 1

Adult Huskies Swim Lessons provides aquatic education for the beginner to the intermediate swimmer who is looking to become more comfortable in the water and learn the...


Adult Huskies Swim Training Fall 2023 Session 1

Adult Huskies Swim Training provides additional attention and competitive guidance to swimmers ages 18 and older who are looking to improve their swimming skills and fitness...


Weekly RedTeam Meeting

Join Michigan Tech's RedTeam for their weekly club meeting! Each meeting we discuss cyber news articles and give talks pertaining to the field of cybersecurity.