March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

The Husky Bucket List


This is an excellent collection recently put together, a challenge for students to complete during their time here in Houghton. It seems fitting that we should see how many each of us alumni have completed. I’ll admit, since I was here for graduate school and a bit removed from some campus traditions, my count is low: 37/85. How do you fare?

Go to class, study, take tests, and get your diploma: the goals of every college student. But what sets the Michigan Tech experience apart from every other university? Embark on the #HuskyBucketList to find out!

We’ve put together a list of 85 absolutely-got-to-do things every Husky should check off before leaving campus. They’re the things you’ll remember most fondly about your time in the Copper Country—the 85 quintessential things that Michigan Tech tradition is based on.

Our Husky Bucket List gives you plenty to accomplish, from showing your Husky pride at sporting events to exploring the great outdoors.


They’re simple.

  1. Print out the list, read it, and begin planning your attack. Depending on your strategy, you might be able to complete the list in a short period of time, or it could take several years (or decades!) to complete.
  2. When you’ve completed one of the items, put the date you completed it on the line.
  3. Keep your list safe. If you lose it, just print out another one.
  4. Get your friends to do the bucket list with you.
  5. Have fun!