March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

Buildings Identified

Chip 'n' Dale were old cartoon characters.

It appears this view is looking north. If so, the building on the left would be Hubbell Hall not Sperr. Sperr Hall was much further east. The building to the right should be Hotchkiss Hall but I can’t resolve my confusion between it and what was called the Shops Building. Until I researched this, I never knew the history of Koenig Hall #1 (destroyed by fire in 1920) and Koenig Hall #2 (rebuilt on the original foundation).

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Don Afman ’76

Thanks, Don. Great info.


From the angle of the photo…Hubbell Hall would be on the left and the old mechanical/Shops building on the right. Koenig was set back a little and down a slight hill. There was a wooden research center there for years before Koenig was built…I remember the construction.. About the same time as when Douglass Houghton Hall was built. So it would be about 1940-41, a “new:” building for the time.

Hope all is going well. It is very cold and even snow predicted here in Prattville (16 miles north of Montgomery and Maxwell AFB). Say it is going to get below freezing all the way to Mobile and Gulf Shores. It is very unusual for this area.

Bill Jacka, Calumet native, who lives in Birmingham, Alabama, was going up to Eagle Harbor for some snowmobile action. He has a home up there and goes up several times a year. Said he had plans to be there for a month. Looks like his timing was good or bad as it depends.

Bob Brown


Hotchkiss Hall ???

Dan White